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Changeling Errata

Credits Page:, under Playtesters:

…Andrew Tatro, Anna Tatro…


Add the following terms to the Lexicon, pg. 17:

Between Lost and Mask:

Loyalist: A changeling who retains hidden loyalties to her Keeper or to other True Fae, often acting as a mole in Lost society.

Between pledge and sanction:

Privateer: A changeling who acts as a slaver or bounty hunter for the True Fae in exchange for continued freedom.

Chapter One

p. 33, second column, first paragraph:

…As a result, trusting another changeling or making a mutual pledge of friendship or alliance is a profound act…

Chapter Two

p. 81, second column, first paragraph:

…He then puts one dot each into Intelligence and Resolve, which puts him…

p. 93, "Drawbacks of Clarity," first column:

…thus, -1 at Clarity 4-5, -2 at Clarity 2-3 and -3 at Clarity 0-1.

p. 104, first column, first paragraph:

From sunrise to sunset on that day, the people must not speak of the Invisible Throng, and from sunset to sunrise of that night, they must not leave their homes.

p. 109, second column, "Curse:"

An Elemental doesn't get the benefit of the 10 again roll on dice pools involving the Manipulation Attribute and the Skills Empathy, Expression, Persuasion or Socialize, save to activate seeming-affinity Contracts.

p. 112, first column, first paragraph:

He wished for money, and soon he married an ugly old woman, in the hopes that she would die and leave him everything.

p. 124, "Contracts," second column, second paragraph: The last sentence should read:

These are known as catches, and they allow for the invocation of the Contract at no Glamour cost to the changeling.

p. 126, "Phantasmal Bastion," second column, under Dice Pool:

If she chooses a defensive augmentation, she gains a number of phantom points of Willpower equal to her Wyrd for the purposes of determining…

p. 126, "Cobblethought," second paragraph:

In general, though, images and symbols will mostly appear as they did…

p. 131, "Oddbody", second column, under Success:

  • The feature renders the character immune to wound penalties.

p. 136, "Tatterdemalion's Workshop" -- The Dramatic Failure has been truncated. Just after "Roll Results" and before "but in the attempt," add:

Dramatic Failure: Not only can the character not successfully combine the items,

p. 138, "Touch of Paralyzing Shudder"

Success: The changeling must touch or be touching the target to use this Contract. The targets' Speed, Defense, Initiative and all of the target's dice pools involving Strength and Dexterity are halved (round up) for three turns per point of the character's Wyrd.

p. 144, "Cloak of the Bear's Massive Form", under Success:

In animal form, the character automatically gains animal senses, exactly as if she had performed the Beast's Keen Senses clause.

p. 147, "Songs of Distant Arcadia"

Dice Pool: Wyrd + Expression

p. 157, "Tale of the Baba Yaga," under Success:

Success: The subjects develop a temporary fear of the intended topic (lasting the scene).

Chapter Three

p. 185, chart: The Dreaming (-2) and Ensorcellment (-2) tasks should be moved into the Medial column.

p. 187, "The Ancient Pact", second column:

Sanction: Curse, Greater (-3, both)

p. 188, "Good Neighbors Pact", second column:

Sanction: Vulnerability, Glamour (-3, both)

p. 195, second colum, last paragraph:

Once the Intensity of the dream has been reduced to 1, the oneiromancer may immediately craft his own dream, resulting in a…

p. 196, second column, second paragraph:

This is a process that can take days.

p. 216, second column, last paragraph:

A set of standing stonse might allow someone to access the Hedge if that person stands between them…

p. 219, first column, second paragraph:

In a town that boasts only one motley, the Hedge is likely to be untamed and ever-changing.

p. 221, fourth paragraph:

…modifier. It is much more likely that a person who loses part of herself to the Hedge will continue wandering until the rest is entirely gone.

p. 222, sidebar, first paragraph:

…and such evidence is hard to come by in this matter, but perhaps the strongest possibility deals with the nature of Faerie itself.

p. 224, second column, under Jennystones:

In truth, they're just the hard seeds of the Jennystone bush, about as big as acorns and inedibly bitter.

Chapter Four

p. 233, second column, last paragraph:

Forbidden delights may become writhing nightmares -- the hermit's golden apple bears a worm that scuttles down your throat as you bite into its flesh.

p. 241, second column, fifth paragraph:

…crux of the story, though, the Storyteller needs to invest the time and effort that he would in any story, as normal.

p. 255, first column, last paragraph:

Its Morality rating starts at the same level as Jack's Clarity (seven dots), but…

p. 257, fourth paragraph:

The fetch can consume shadows only from living beings with souls.

Appendix Two

p. 341, under Merits:

…Mantle 3, Hollow 4 (Size 2, Amenities 1, Wards 1)

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