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The Ashen Court, affiliated with the emotion of Fear and the aspects of the Harvest and Decay; use stolen Faerie Magic (Contracts, Tokens, Oneiromancy, and Pledges) against their creators.

Ashen Court



Autumn Sovereign (Dread Lady/Lord)

Monarch of the Court of Fear. The Autumn Sovereign embodies the Fear that the Court thrives on and helps make the Court's touch be felt by all.

Ashen Notary

Pledges are among the most powerful and potentially lasting of changeling magics promises so deep that they can echo down through the generations and radically impact the life of a freehold. In some freeholds, a changeling of the Leaden Mirror is sometimes entrusted to oversee and sometimes to record particularly grandiose vows (a pledge with one or more factors rated as “greater”) sworn during the Autumn season and sometimes throughout the year.

Magister of Nightmares

The heavy burden for selecting (and, if need be, capturing and even temporarily incarcerating) the prey for an Ashen Hunt falls upon the shoulders of the Magister of Nightmares. This changeling is a keeper of the Autumn Court’s grim and final vision of justice.

Witch of the Bitter Wind

This title (given to both women and men) is one that some Freeholds maintain throughout the year, irrespective of which court is presently ascendant. The Witch is a counselor on all matters occult, known to be proficient in many different sorcerous practices and possessed of dark and terrible knowledge. Needless to say, the bearer of this title is often an object of dread within the Freehold, avoided by many and sought out only in time of need by most.

Lord/Lady Scrivener

The foremost record-keeper of a Freehold’s Ashen Court, the Lord Scrivener tends tomes, scrolls, and other writings that sometimes stretch back for centuries. In modern times, some Scriveners make use of more contemporary media, such as audio or even visual recordings, but many still seem to prefer the feel of a quill in hand, and its soft scratching over parchment or vellum.

Fool of the First Frost

This Autumn courtier acts as a jester to the Ashen Court, using dark and uncomfortable comedy (which is not always synonymous with humor) to highlight political issues within the freehold, to demonstrate the social acumen of the Leaden Mirror, and, of course, to occasionally distract the attention of other changelings away from more meaningful endeavors.

Legate of Mists

When the Autumn Court must make its will known to the other courts of the seasons, it is the Legate of Mists that is sent to convey the will of the children of fear. Both socially adroit and frightful, the Legate of Mists is sometimes employed by the freehold as a whole, when a message must be borne The Autumn Court to outsiders and the locals either do not know what to expect or wish to make a terrifying impression.

Ranger of the Thorns

This changeling is charged with exploration of the mysteries of the local Hedge and, often, with acting as a guide to those less knowledgeable in its nuances. These Lost may be harvesters of goblin fruit and other oddments, hunters of hobgoblins and other Hedge-beasts, and finders of Hollows.

Paladin of Shadows

This title is bestowed upon one who champions the cause of the Leaden Mirror through force of arms, defending the Autumn Court during its season of ascendancy and bearing fear upon the edge of a naked blade at all times. Paladins are so called because they typically stand as the mailed fist of an Autumn King, serving the will of the Ashen Court and acting as its instrument in time of battle. Further, a Paladin often acts as a direct bodyguard to the Autumn monarch, protecting as much by menacing presence as by martial skill.

Twilit Page

While the title of Twilit Page is a humble one, the task to which such a changeling is appointed is a significant one. A Freehold’s Twilit Page is responsible for overseeing aspirants to the Autumn Court, as well as new members.


Sometimes known as “Barrow-Tender,” the Ghûl acts as an assassin and, sometimes, executioner for the Autumn Court.

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