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Four Seasons Hotel
Location Four Seasons Hotel
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Doctor Jack
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Irea Dimelo
Katrin Byeli
Marcus Evan
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Rust Mane
Sam Barkley
Terri Nutkins
Date Began 2011/09/22
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A gathering of Lost to celebrate the changing of the seasons. Summer's heat giving way to Autumn's chill. And Rick Pereg is to be crowned ascendant Sovereign of the Freehold, replacing his predecessor Horace Albert Liebowitz.[1]


  • The Lost of Sacramento gathered for the new Autumn King's coronation. The evening started with a lot of drinking as usual, and also with folks enjoying Mrs. Rosemary's awesome cooking.
  • Terri Nutkins gave a warm welcome to a newcomer by the name of Felena Robbins, and they spoke about her escape and her arrival to the Freehold.
  • Rust Mane confronted Big Swilla about his involvement with an alleged Loyalist by the name of Janey. The big lizard man became infuriated and almost laid an ass whooping on the lion. However, Xerxia was able to clear up some of the confusion and Swilla explained that Janey was no Loyalist after all.[2]
  • The absence of the Spring Queen, Alice White, was noted by members of her court and the Winter Queen, Katrin Byeli as she addressed the other Sovereigns prior to the ceremony. However, neither that nor the big scene that Rust made would put a stop to the seasonal cycle, as Spartan got everyone's attention and crowned Rick as the new Autumn King.[3]
  • After the crown was rested upon his head, and the changing of the seasons occured, the new King addressed the Changelings gathered there with an important message about the current state of the Freehold and some important affairs.[4] During this speech he also announcted the target of that year's "Ash Run."[5]
  • Before the event came to a close, the ascending Sovereign swore in a few new Changelings as members of the Freehold.

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