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Alice White
In-Character Titles
Freehold Beast Spring
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Alice White was until recently the Vernal Sovereign. She won the crown in a Duel of Desire between herself and Al-Adin. She was challenged to destroy her perfect beauty, he is amazing speed. Who ever did so first would claim the crown. Alice cut herself on the face with a knife and claimed the Crown of Desire.



Her mother died of cancer when she was in kindergarten and so Alice grew up in a single parent home, raised by her father Jake White. Her father was an avid outdoorsman and took her out frequently on camping and hunting trips. She was exposed to guns and shooting by the times she was in junior high and able to get her first hunting license. Other than living in a single parent household she had a relatively normal childhood up through the age of about 15.


When she was 15 her father had promised to take her Bear hunting if she kept her grades up. She was able to and so later that year in the fall her father rented a cabin and they went up to the mountains to go hunting. Alice and her father were very excited, as this was her first chance to hunt something this big. However, there was an early snowfall, which turned into a blizzard and trapped them up in their cabin. Her father went out to get some firewood and never returned. After quite some time passed she got worried and went to look for him. She tried to keep the cabin in view but somehow she got turned around and she to got lost in the blizzard. After wondering she stumbled across her father’s cold body with a strange otherworldly woman standing over him. The woman grabbed Alice, her grip was hard and cold like ice, and she dragged Alice through the forest and into the hedge.

Alice was taken to a large sprawling estate in a land of eternal winter. There on the mansion’s grounds was an expansive Victorian style garden filled entirely with plants and flowers made of ice. She was left outside in the cold snow with no shelter and her job was to tend the garden, which grew like any other garden, and to keep rodents and little ice bugs from destroying the plants. The more she tended the garden and slept outside the more the cold seeped into her, changing her. Her keeper did not feed her, in fact she never saw her keeper again, but she knew her keeper checked on her work at night when she slept in the snow by kitchen door. She had to forage for her own food and trap the rodents trying to eat the ice flowers to feed herself. Her only source of warmth in her cold world was the hot juicy blood from the rabbit-like creatures that infested the garden. Fire was forbidden and so she consumed them raw while they were still warm and their blood fresh.

Her human clothes were taken and destroyed when she arrived. She was left with a type of thin scratchy cloth to clothe herself with, which did nothing to keep out the cold. She began collecting the fur from the rabbit creatures and sewed herself a white fur cloak. This did not keep her warm either yet it was far more comfortable than the clothes her keeper had given her. Soon her clothes wore out and she was left with just the fur cloak. She lived this life for what seemed like years, always hungry, cold, naked and alone. She had all but forgotten who she was and knew only this cold beautiful icy world until one day she saw a bear off in the wood. Seeing the bear reminded her of her old life back in California. She remembered a girl named Alice White and that it had been her. She soon left the estate behind and wandered back into the hedge to find her way home. Desires of food, warmth, and friendship kept her going, even if she could not exactly remember what those things were. She foraged for her food and hid from the wolves that prowled the frozen stretches of the hedge. Her one and only possession her fur cloak got snagged on some thorns while she was fleeing from the wolves and she was forced to leave it behind. She made it back through the hedge and she was free.

Post Durance

A park ranger found her wondering naked through the snow and rescued her. She had been gone for what seemed like years, but had not aged and was only missing for 2 weeks. The state placed her in foster care until she was 18. Her time in foster care was 3 years of hell. She went from home to home no family wanting to keep her for long. She had some deep psychological scars from her time across the hedge and then combined with remembering the loss of her father she was difficult to handle. Many families did not even want to try and she was place in a new home. After years of therapy working through her problems plus working through the issues of abuse at the hands of some of her foster families she finally turned 18 and moved out on her own when she graduated highschool.

She worked at a gun range for several years trying to earn and save enough money to go to college, but was never able to save much. This was due to the fact that she would spend a lot of her money on ammo shooting at the range. Because of her love of firearms she worked hard and finally got a job working as a clerk in a gun shop. She is a hard worker and is quite knowledgeable in the field. Furthermore, since she started working there business has really picked up with all of their clients coming in to catch an eyeful of the beautiful assistant. She is never short of her share of glamour, and is surrounded by the objects of her passion, guns, hunting, and shooting.

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