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Forge, The
Location Forge, The
Alice White
Marcus Evan
Something's wrong!
Rust Mane
Terri Nutkins
Date Began 2011/06/01
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From the outside The Forge looks like any other warehouse. There is no neon sign flashing “Come on in” or anything of that nature. But once you enter you walk into another world. The Forge is made from metal, wood and concrete. There is a main stage, made from Masonite and diamond plate. There is no comfort here, no trendy vibe or dancing girls. No Neon, strobe or smoke machines. The Forge is a shrine to two things, loud music and punishing bodies. [1]


  • Spartan and Faith Taylor start out the party with a little competition.[2]
"Should I leave you two alone?" - Rust Mane
  • Spartan makes an announcement of welcome and explains the rules of The Forge to the unindoctrinated.[3]
"Remember the rules, If someone falls, pick them back up. What happens in the cage, stays in the cage. If you fight outside the cage, my brother," Gesturing to Rust, "My woman," Gesturing to Faith, "or I will deal with you." And yes Spartan said that knowing full well that Faith would hit him... - Spartan
  • Faith Taylor does indeed hit him.[4]
  • And Terri can't help but rub it in.[5]
"Faith! Someone's woman? That must sting, girlfriend." - Terri Nutkins
"Yeah, we have. September 24th, just in time for the changing of Summer to Autumn. Alice, would you be my maid of honor?" - Terri Nutkins
"OH MY GOD YES!" - Alice White
"So, how'd you fancy giving me away, Mr. Fields?" - Terri Nutkins
"Really? Me? I'd be, so totally honored, Terri, really." - Nightfall
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