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The Furious Fallen King
Freehold Ogre Summer
Tolltaker Knighthood
Striking Looks ●● (Rugged)

Spartan is a large man who wears the scars of war on his skin. He arrived at the Freehold of Sacramento late February 2010. After his Arrival Spartan joined the Summer Court and rose quickly through its ranks. Spartan was once the Sovereign of Summer and stood ready for whatever came.

Mien of Wrath

Spartan's original Mein was that of a Hoplite warrior. His head, chest, arms and legs, covered with the traditional armor of such a warrior. The Armor did little though as it offered him no actual protection from battle.
With help from Betony Rue Jasons Spartan was able to shed the vestigial armor and his true self is as he is seen now. His body is covered in the scars of war. He also has several scars, including his left eye, that glow and burn with the fire's of wrath. It is unknown fully if these scars are before the armor, or from the painful process of having it removed.


  • Arrived in Sacramento, 5 March 2010[1]
  • Joined the Summer Court
  • Challenged Rust Mane for Summer Sovereign
  • The Departure of Faith Taylor, 17 September 2011[2]
  • The Removal of his Vestigial Armor, 07 December 2011 [3]
  • Inducted into the Tolltaker Knighthood, 29 February 2012[4]
  • Hunted down and killed Enzo, 27 June 2012[5]

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