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Terri Nutkins
"Life is full of challenges; Ready to face yours?"
Freehold Beast Autumn
Striking Looks ●● (Petite & Cute)

Presence Friendly
Autumn's Former Queen, Former Legate of Mists


Terri Nutkins is a Beast of the Steepscrambler Kith with the fae mien of a red squirrel. She is the former Dread Queen of the Leaden Mirror, having assumed the position after her husband left the Freehold on business.

The changeling that was once called Lois Greene was born and raised in the city of Sacramento, a personal trainer and fitness fanatic with a feisty attitude. Known for her hard classes and attitude of looking down on her clients that whined at breaking into a sweat, it was late one night that Lois had an argument with her boss, leaving in a huff. Walking home through McKinley Park, she stumbled through a gate and became lost in the Briars. That was until she saw a small bonsai tree in the distance. Walking and walking, the tree getting no higher but instead she grew smaller with each step and in one blink of the eye, the bonsai stood before her and was miles and miles in height with her at the base in a dark, gloomy swamp and the lair of the Wyrm that Gnaws the Soul, one of the True Fae.

Lois was used as a messenger to leap up and up the World Tree from branch to branch while avoiding the enemies of the Wyrm, especially the Eagle of the Sky, her own Keeper's rival at the pinnacle of the realm. Eventually however, Lois grew to love her Keeper's rival and found a way out of Arcadia thorough the Eagle's wing. She tore through the Hedge, finding bits of her own soul enroute, and stumbled back into Sacramento. Heading for her work place, she found that she had been replaced by a fetch who was blonde where she had been turned red due to her Durance. Taking the name Terri Nutkins, the Beast kept away from her fetch, afraid. It was this fear that lead to the Court of Autumn.

Thanks to her experience as a fitness instructor and personal trainer, Terri was made the Court's Twilit Page, a title she relished. After spending many months away from the freehold, she returned when the mad Lost, Jacob Greenteeth killed his fetch's family and was involved in the battle with Greenteeth and a summoned water element within an apartment alongside Sam Barkley and Rick Pereg. When Greenteeth escaped leaving Barkley in a terrible state, Rick and Terri found help from Kyle Franesco who healed the Wizened. Not long after, the Autumn Court took control and Jacob Greenteeth was made the target of the Ash Run, while Rick and Terri began a relationship together, their first date being within the rose garden of McKinley Park, a place that still holds much love for the Beast.

Since then, Terri has aided the freehold however she can but of late, she has grown tired of being a personal instructor, and the thought of constantly bumping into her fetch. With a love of fashion, she has recently purchased the office space of Felice Investigations with the intention of converting it into a unisex fashion boutique. Treetop Fashions, as Terri has named her store, has survived its first year and allowed Terri to slowly reap the benefits of her own business.

When Rick was finally named as Autumn Sovereign following HAL's banishment from Sacramento, he named Terri as his Legate of Mists whilst she still held the title of Twilit Page, these twin duties given the single title of Harvest Envoy, a fitting role for the Steepscrambler.

On the 24th day of September 2011, Terri and Rick swore an eternal heartsworn oath at a wedding ceremony in the Rose Garden of McKinley Park before their friends within the freehold. However, before the next Autumn Coronation, Rick informed Terri he was leaving the freehold on 'business', not informing her of the details of his departure, and at the Coronation itself, felt their Heartsworn Oath suddenly vanish. Initially fearing he had cheated on her, later she heard rumours that he had died somehow.

Terri participated in the assault on Baron Fairweather's Dream Bastion. When Mr. Bates and Spartan awoke immediately afterwards, she had vanished.

As it turns out, Terri had escaped the destruction of the Four Seasons, having been saved by Mr.Bates who opened one of the hotel's emergency Hedge Gates, pushing her through before the fires raged around them both, sacrificing himself to his queen. Alone in the Hedge, scarred both physically and mentally, Terri was captured by privateers, loathsome Changelings who profited from the lives of others. She was taken to the Fleshmarket and sold to none other than Salome, the owner of the vile goblin market. Angered at the destruction caused to her market by the dragon, Fairweather, Salome blamed Terri as a high-ranking representative of the Sacramento Freehold. As a way to be free once more, Terri agreed to a powerful pledge, where she had to bring Salome Fairweather's tongue, binding herself with a portion of her Wyrd.

Able to travel from the Fleshmarket a free soul once more (kinda), Terri returned to her home, only to discover her estranged husband, Rick, not as dead as she thought. Shocked, it took some time to be able to act civilly with him again but soon enough, the magic of their love was still enough to bring them back together. Aiming to help the Freehold, Terri established herself once more with old friends and new acquaintances, all with the agenda of once again wearing the Autumn Crown. To do so, Terri enlisted the help of Coco Tascioni but within a year of returning, fate pulled her away over the Summer. Her fetch, Lois Greene, with whom Terri had a strained, distant relationship. The magic that was holding Lois together appeared to be fading and for three months, Terri stayed with her doppelganger until Lois finally died. When Terri returned to the Freehold, she wasn't the same woman and flitted in and out of the limelight. After another bout of business with the Bishopric of Blackbirds, Terri felt more rejuvenated and at ease with herself, confessed to her fellow members of the Leaden Mirror how she had expressed her Desire to be Sovereign once again during the Autumn Court's discussion as to whom should be their new King or Queen. When Ava Campbell was voted to be the Dread Lady, Terri was named as her Legate of Mists as well as offering her services to manage Ednas Boarding House, a known refuge for Lost and under control of the Court of Fear. This new venture caused Terri to re-evaluate her talents as a dressmaker of mundane designs and she finally decided to close Treetop Fashions that was situated within Quicksilver Gate, instead giving her the opportunity to focus on Edna's and crafting exquisite raiment for the Freehold.


Terri's Mask is that of a petite redhead who has a smile played eternally on her lips and an athletic grace from years of training. Her vibrant red hair has streaks of black running throughout from a dye and thanks to her connections, Terri is always wearing something quite fashionable. Her fae mien however, shows the Beast's true visage. A furry down of orange runs over her skin and her ears extend into furry tufts with a thick bushy tail extending behind her. Finally, blackbird feathers adorn her red hair.

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