Eternal Summer II

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Four Seasons Hotel
Location Four Seasons Hotel
Doctor Jack
Juno Mantiserra
Marcus Evan
Something's wrong!
Rust Mane
Sam Barkley
Terri Nutkins
Date Began 2011/09/02
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An informal gathering of Lost in Summer's Ascendancy, 2011, for the purposes of swearing the Freehold Oath. [1]


  • Terri Nutkins encourages and supports Spartan, as the new Summer King prepares to address his gathering courtiers. She slips him a little luck, just in case. [2]
  • The Spring Courtiers chat and settle off in an intense group hug, just to remind everyone that desire has a place, no matter what the season.[3]
  • Spartan rallies the Summer Court to his banner, although it does not go smoothly. Rust Mane decides to attempt to bully the other Courtiers into submission, glaring and demanding. Despite trying to resist, Rook's enchanted tongue forces him to tell the truth and decry Rust's cowardice. Despite attempts from Sam Barkley and Marcus Evan to force them both to back down, Rust challenges Rook, who demands that the disgraced former King stand up and fight. Spartan formalizes the challenge, and Rust backs down, plotting the downfall of the truth-bound Courtier. Spartan then assigns the Summer Courtiers new roles, some of which surprise the recipients. Only time will tell if they live up to the task. [4]
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