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Infobox Scene
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This Infobox is for usage on Scene pages. It uses the following switches:

  • Location =
  • Date = called in the following format: DD MONTH YYYY
  • Image = just the file name
  • Cast = the list of characters, separated by commas.
  • StorytellerX = who the ST was that ran the Scene or Story. Preface the name(s) with "User:" and separate with commas.

For example:

{{Infobox Scene
|Venue    = Mage
|Location = Cali
|Date     = 09 March 1997
|Image    = Park.jpg
|Cast2    = Biggie Smalls,P Diddy
|STs      = User:West, User:tsameti

Which produces:

Location Cali
Something's wrong!
Something's wrong!
Date Began 09 March 1997
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Facts about Infobox SceneRDF feed
CastBiggie Smalls  +, and P Diddy  +
Event forMage  +
Mage start9 March 1997  +
Page has default formThis property is a special property in this wiki.Scene Editor  +
Story Told ByWest  +, and Tsameti  +
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