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Location Hedge
Alice White
Doctor Jack
Marcus Evan
Rust Mane
Sam Barkley
Terri Nutkins
Date Began 2010/06/08
Date Ended 2011/10/19
Storyteller(s) CyledyrWyllt, Forn Clakes
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Early Summer, June 2010: The agents of the Ear of Truth, known as Ear-Wigs for there large ears and plastic hair, are defeated, and the murderer of Tim Lovejoy is finally brought to justice. After this, The Ear of Truth retreats from the Hedge to his Realm in Arcadia, the reasons of which are unknown.

Late-Summer, August 2010: The new owner of the Empty Orchestra finally reveals himself publicly to the freehold as Keith Fairweather, a Draconic Fairest. With smiles in abundance and kind words for all, he offers his coffers to the Freehold for nothing more than to aid his business plans; a stronger Freehold for all. His offer is refused as several amongst the Freehold distrust the Free Market Dragon.

Early-Autumn, September 2010: The Hedge is affected by increased storm activity, along with very strange behaviour; uprooting and moving to block paths, even while Lost are travelling along them. Even the Freehold's only Trod in Capitol Park is affected.

Late-Autumn, Novemeber 2010: A group organised by the Summer King, Rust Mane, are sent to find Mr. Tickle and bring him to charge for being a bridge-burner. However, upon reaching his Hollow, it is in disarray with the Wizened missing.

Early-Winter, December 2010: Renovations to Club Ember are concluded and it is revealed that Keith Fairweather has aided the freehold by paying for a majority of its renovations, using his mundane connections to get what he desires.

Late-Winter, February 2011: Okey-Dokey's Carnevale has planned a return visit to Sacramento but when it is assailed by unknown entities, it is forced to flee and avoid the Freehold. Messages were sent to the Spring Sovereign Alice White from her order regarding the incident.

Mid-Spring, April 2011: Something awakens and its nightmares flare out as an explosion of Wyrd sends a shockwave rippling through the Freehold, causing peculiar dreams that are both insightful and useless. However, those who have spoken about their dreams have found a similar theme; Judgement.

Early-Summer, June 2011: Hedge travel is no longer possible and decreed as extremely dangerous by the Sovereigns. Even those with Hollows find them insecure as they are attacked within the walls as the Briars attempt to break through the wards therein. Those who do make it out of the Hedge safely tell of increased Hedge beast activity, hidden within the many storms.

Early-Autumn, September 2011: A challenge is thrown down from HAL to Keith Fairweather, whom the Autumn Sovereign declares as a Banished True Fae. The Lord of Dread is solidly defeated as the Free Market Dragon defeats him after taking on the form of a mighty dragon of flame. Rick Pereg is named as the new King of Autumn, HAL already declaring the Elemental as his replacement.

Early-Winter, December 2011: The 4Seasons is destroyed, completely and utterly. Mundane authorities reported it as a terrorist act. However, fae witnesses knew the truth. A trio of elements were unleashed, one of air, one of earth, the final of fire. Together, they created a vortex of hellfire and brimstone which killed a hundred guests and freehold commoners, including Mr. Bates and Mrs. Rosemary, while many more were left injured.

Mid-Winter, January 2012: Not long after, the Ear-Wigs of the Ear of Truth were spotted but this time, much more experienced as they hunted motleys through the streets. Once again, the Ear of Truth was sighted and had been using the Hedge-storms as cover to lead his army to the very edge of the mundane world, ready to invade the Freehold. Katrin Byeli led a small motley into the Hedge, which parted for her. This included Fu, Sam Barkley, Nightfall, Simon Oita and Big Swilla, who had finally regained some semblance of his Clarity, and each one was chosen due to her trust. Recognising the Winter Queen's fragrance of rotting apples, the Ear allowed her to speak and negotiate. The Crescendo of all Sound gave her six minutes. He then ensnared her within his twin whips and carried her away while Katrin's allies were besieged by a score of hobgoblins. A great battle ensued until they were forced to flee. In the aftermath, Big Swilla was brought down and killed.

Since that fateful day, the Freehold has been pushed back to the Hollow Commons at Amtrak rail station with a Keeper hiding within the Hedge and a Banished posing outside of it, the point has finally been reached where those who have survived will have to give everything to save what little remains, including their own precious Clarity.

The Hedge-Storm War has begun.....

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CastAl-Adin  +, Alice White  +, Doctor Jack  +, Marcus Evan  +, Nightfall  +, Rust Mane  +, Sam Barkley  +, and Terri Nutkins  +
Changeling end19 October 2011  +
Changeling start8 June 2010  +
Event forChangeling  +
LocationHedge  +
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Sacramento date8 June 2010  +
SceneHedge  +
Story Told ByCyledyrWyllt  +, and Forn Clakes  +
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