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(Hedge Storm) Aftermath

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    CyledyrWyllt's Avatar

    The air at the edge of the battlefield is thick with a smoky, acrid haze that echoes with the pitiful moaning and wailing of the not-quite-dead. A dark, low sun stares reproachfully from just above the horizon, pointing its accusing fingers of ochre and crimson light at the grim aftermath of the battle. Those who had sought Blood & Glory against the goblin horde had been rewarded with both... in abundance. Torn bodies lay sprawled grotesquely across the plain, heaped in insect-ridden piles where the fighting was most intense. Now useless, the hacked and torn pieces of abandoned armor, weapons, and body parts litter the ground like some sort of morbid confetti. This is the scene that greets the disbelieving eyes of the Tunnel Rats when they finally emerge from the trenches, itself an experience they would gladly forget. Having lost both Sergeant Lamplight and Corporal Sparks to the subterranean horrors they faced in the tunnels, they squint at their companions as they wander toward the small knot of survivors on the killing field. This loose, scattered group also catches the attention of the aerial team that had been raining Death from Above upon their earthbound foes in addition to fending off their own winged assailants. However, it soon becomes apparent that Lieutenant Garth Goyle is also ranked among the heroic dead when the remaining gliders land nearby in an awkward formation without him. As the bruised and bloodied survivors stumble numbly toward each other through the dim, smoky horror of the battlefield, they can't ignore the coppery taste of blood in their mouths. It is the blood of their allies... the blood of their enemies...the blood that mingles now without prejudice... and it is everywhere.

    Please make two 1-die rolls for your character. The first roll should be labeled Health and the resulting number will determine the amount of Bashing damage your character received during the battle. The second roll should be labeled Glamour and this number should be subtracted from your character's maximum to reflect his/her current Glamour pool. In addition, everyone starts with one point of Willpower remaining. Feel free to describe in your first post whatever atrocities your character saw or experienced during the battle.

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    Sam Barkley's Avatar

    Sam Barkley


    Barkley looked down at his jacket, torn, stained with the blood and ichor of the Fae's pawns. His hands and his staff, too, he noticed dully, and could feel their viscous remains on his face. War was hell, they said, but Sam felt utterly calm, unshakeable, unmovable, and light. Yes, light, as a feather, or an angel. His soul was practically bursting with song, with the joy and delight that belongs to those who have found their place in the world, who dance in time to Fate's lead. Sam Barkley, the Doomed, the ugliest Valkyrie the All-Father never made, strode across the battlefield like a giant. The Freehold's General finds a place an outcrop upon which to clamber, stand, and survey the field of battle. Who says there is no beauty in horror?

    "OY! RALLY ON THE SPOT, YEWS! THIS FIGHT AIN'T OVER 'TIL WE SAYS SO!" he shouts, hands cupped round his mouth to extend his voice. As Sam looks at the beaten, battered, bloody faces of the survivors, he searches for the Neil and Alice, the Circle of the Vernal Equinox. They had survived, he knew, they had to have.

    Date Action Roll Result
    2011-08-25 10:43:52 barkley rolls 1 to glamour 4 failure
    2011-08-25 10:43:27 barkley rolls 1 to health 2 failure

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    Forn Clakes's Avatar

    From the underground, the mud-and-blood stuck to red fur of the petite steepscrambler as she made her way from the trench battle. As the daylight streamed upon her, tears rolled down her cheeks and if anyone asked, she would politely say, "Oh, my eyes are adjusted to the dark. It'll pass."

    In truth, it was a nightmare. Even with all her skill and natural grace, even Terri couldn't get away from the sheer numbness of the battle where enemies were nought but shadows that needed to be killed before they killed you. Her fingers hurt from pulling her slingshot so many times and her right hand shook as the token took its due. She wouldn't be doing anythoing too fine for a while, at least.

    From somewhere nearby, at least as her ears twitched, Terri heard the call of Barkley and she smiled. It was good to see Shortround had survived, tough old bastard that he was. But really it was one man she wanted to see, one man to whom she would not be the same if he hadn't made it.

    "RICK!" Terri called out, gazing across the battlefield, peering through the haze. "RICK, WHERE ARE YOU?"

    Date Action Roll Result
    2011-08-25 13:31:48 Storm! Terri rolls 1 to Glamour die 1 failure
    2011-08-25 13:31:29 Storm! Terri rolls 1 to Health die 5 failure

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    The landing had been...adequate, given the circumstances. The frame of his glider had taken damage at some point, disrupting the airflow and reducing maneuverability. Which wasn't made any easier once his rudder had been jammed which made it very difficult to turn to the right.

    At least he'd landed on something soft...though he hadn't quite been able to bring himself to look down and see what.

    The flight itself had been exhilarating at first. As much as he detested what had been done to him in the hedge he couldn't deny that there were some deep-seated instincts that remained from that time. And he doubted flight would ever cease to bring him a fierce joy. But neither would the sights that one saw flying over a battlefield ever bring him anything other than horror and revulsion. Those were sights he'd seen far too many of during his durance.

    And that he'd seen again now.

    He'd seen gliders slashed to ribbons by nigh-invisible blades, seen Garth spiral down to the unforgiving Earth below, seen who knew how many torn mercilessly apart amidst the unforgiving battle that raged below. Which had, in turn, brought images he'd thought long forgotten from his hellish durance back to the forefront of his mind.

    He wasn't far when he heard Terri, and homed in on her voice when he did. His eyes looked tormented from sights recent and long-past, he was splattered in the blood of who knew how many Hedge beasts, and he couldn't manage to raise his left arm any higher than his shoulder. But he'd made it through. "I'm here, Terri...made it through alright..."


    Date Action Roll Result
    2011-08-25 17:43:27 Storm(ier)!Rick Pereg rolls 1 to Glamour 5 failure
    2011-08-25 17:43:14 Storm(ier)!Rick Pereg rolls 1 to Health 4 failure

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    Nightfall's Avatar

    Striking Looks
    (Bed Head)
    (Polychromatic, Treasured)


    Treasured Polychromatic

    The temperature near Sam plummets, bodies and blades of grass frosting as the moisture freezes.

    Nightfall approaches, knocking frozen ruby drops of blood off of his clothing. The Fairest's features are so very, very pale and his breath coalesces as he whistles. The Lord of the Morning's ties to Winter are still strong.

    Seeing Sam, he holds up a frost-encased gloved hand with a slim blade and smiles.

    Realizing what he's doing, the debilitating cold radiating from him fades.

    "I killed a ton of the fuckers."

    And, really, that sums it all up.

    Sliding his blades into their sheaths, he peels off the still-frozen glove, and lightly strokes Terri's shoulder.

    "You OK?"

      3B, -9G (damnit)
    Date Action Roll Result
    2011-08-25 18:15:20 Storm!Nightfall rolls 1 to Glamour 9 1 success
    2011-08-25 18:15:07 Storm!Nightfall rolls 1 to Health 3 failure

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    Rust Mane's Avatar


    Summer roars with a pained cry. Wild. Bodies pile off one another and a metal hand reaches out of a flesh grave. Claws rake out seeking a grip.

    Rust pulls himself up and out from under something terribly big. He can't stop smiling, even through the pain his his legs, his arms. Mortal flesh is all but gone leaving a warren of copper and silver metal working. A bloody mess of gears, pistons, blades.
    The King of Summer claws his way back toward the Sun. Only the endurance of metal allows Rust to function. Only his connection to the Wyrd.

    "It kept me alive. I see it Cass. I see it all." Rust rolls himself to face the haze. Through the Haze. Toward...


    "A revelation. Cass. Castor?" Rust tries to stand and look. Most of his living bits are gone. Leaving a metal skeleton filled out with a rusted plate hull. A nightmarish tin beast. A bloody monster made of blades and ruin.
    He falters, a thunder clap of blue-white heat stikes and Rust falls back to his knees. He stares down at himself, trying to wipe away the blood. Trying in vain.
    Realization dawns fully. Heat draws mist from the ground. Giving reassurance with the steamy mist. Rust stares back toward...
    He thought he heard someone call his name.

    Date Action Roll Result
    2011-08-26 00:30:45 Rust rolls 5 to Stam (10 Again) 8, 9, 1, 7, 1 2 successes
    2011-08-26 00:08:22 Rust rolls 1 to Minus Glamour 10 1 success
    2011-08-26 00:07:33 Rust rolls 1 to Health 10 1 success

    Health full of Bashing
    Sux on STA

    Glam - 10

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    Terri Nutkins's Avatar

    Terri's Mask is that of a petite, cute woman with vibrant red hair that has black streaks throughout. Obviously athletic, her natural demeanour is friendly and she always tends to have a smile on her face.

    Her fae mien is akin to a red squirrel. She has a long bushy tail and ear tufts that poke through her hair. The black streaks are actually black feathers the are a part of her mien now,; a part of her noble order.

    Terri's powerful Mantle initiates itself as the smell of baking bread but brings with it the feeling of the Harvest, that time to take stock of the coming troubles.


    Terri's head jerks round as she hears Rick's voice but before she could run off, she feels the deft touch on her shoulder and glances at Nightfall, tears catching in her eyelashes.

    "Yeah, I am now," she admitted, giving the Fairest, one of her closest friends, a reassuring smile. "Thanks....for watching my tail down there." Terri then ran off to join Rick, her Heartsworn, her Autumn King, pretty much jumping into his arms, wrapping her own arms around his neck while legs entwined torso.

    "Glad you made it," she said after breaking away from their kiss.

    Tears caught in her eyelashes. Must be the brilliant daylight.
    Steepscrambler/Truefriend | Mantle (Autumn) 5 (Smell of Baking Bread/Feeling of the Harvest)
    Presence 4 (Friendly)|Striking Looks 2 (Petite & Cute)

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    Al-Adin's Avatar

    Let's have fun!

    Mask: a swarthy 20 something middle easterner.

    Mien: comical round monkey wars on the top of his head and a brown monkey tail.


    Al-Adin, the lovable, broken Al-Adin, stumbles, exhausted. His legs burn for the first time in what feels like forever. The pain, the sheer pain of running, running running. Running past the breaking point of his body, continuing to run. He had seen it all, the blood of the battlefield, the smoke of the trenches, the chaos of the skies. He had carried the banner of the Freehold, proudly and with strength, rallying all of the battlefields.
    He charged through the tunnels, the banner of the Freehold billowing behind him, the ancient oaken wood holding it aloft. The explosives and dirt sullied the banner, and burned his body, but still he continued on. Nightfall and Terri he smiled at, a true, genuine smile of seeing real friends, before another cave-in blocked the way forward, and he redirected more troops on the General's orders.

    He leapt through the hell of the main battlefield, he was the pounding hooves of the horse, the Banner that flew through the ranks. He exhorted, he cajoled, he screamed at everyone to get them to move forward, to defeat the storm that hit them. The Banner broke, and he held the shorter stick aloft. Again and Again it broke, till all was left was the tattered cloth of the Freehold. The whisp of cloth was held aloft in both hands as he pushed forward the ranks of summer, charging ahead to make them charge faster, confusing the enemy with his speed. And then the general needed air cover over the center, and Al-Adin looked skyward, felt the breeze in his hair, remembering all the winds he had run, and opened his eyes to the wind, becoming the breeze itself.

    He had charged across the skies as the wind, the banner whipping and flying about as he flew through the skies. Whispering encourangement and direction, brushing allies out of the line of fire. He relayed orders from Goyle to the other squadrons, wincing as the blades of wind shattered his form, but still he continued.

    He landed, exhausted, bleeding and in massive pain, as he stumbled into the campsite.
    "Go Home." he groans, pleas to himself. The children's laughter is subdued, and wholly inapprorpriate. He sees Nightfall, and begins to make his way forward to his best friend, one halting, shaking step at a time.

    Beast: Runnerswift (monkey mien) Striking Looks2: Arabian Prince,
    Spring Mantle 5: Laughter of children
    Presence 3: Effusive

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    Marcus Evan's Avatar

    Marcus Evan


    Wiping the blood and grit from his eyes, Marcus walks over to Sam Barkley when the wizened shouts out his rallying cry. The metalflesh is too tired to even smile at his friend's determination to think the worst in any given situation. This fight is over. Good thing too, since Marcus isn't sure he could lift his sore, exhausted arms to even defend himself. The metal thorns that had sprouted from his shining flesh pull back as the contract ends, and while dark, mercury-like blood stains his face and arms, Marcus appears to have made it through the battle mostly intact.

    "It's over, Sam. We beat them."

    Looking around to see who else made it through the carnage, he smiles despite the pain when he sees Terri and Rick reunited. It reminds Marcus why they fought in the first place. However, when he sees Rust Mane searching vainly for his Brother, Spartan... the metalflesh walks over to his king and places a firm hand on his shoulder. Looking into the metal lion's eyes, he sadly shakes his head.

    "I saw him fall. He fought bravely."

    Date Action Roll Result
    2011-08-25 04:25:51 Marcus rolls 1 to Glamour 8 1 success
    2011-08-25 04:25:33 Marcus rolls 1 to Health 4 failure

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    Doctor Jack's Avatar

    Doctor Jack

    Doctor Jack


    Struggling to stay on his feet, the war-torn figure of Doctor Jack emerges from the tunnels carrying the limp form of Xerxia. He collapses to his knees a few yards from the others and lays the fairest down as gently as he can. After swaying from side to side for a moment, the good doctor seems to collect himself as the air swirls around him in a sudden gust of gentle wind. Faint stringed instruments can be heard by those nearby as some of the old soldier's bruises begin to lighten and heal. Leaning over Xerxia's unmoving form, Jack appears to be speaking softly to her as he repeatedly attempts to use the same contract on her without any visible effect.

    Gift of Warm Breath

    Date Action Roll Result
    2011-08-28 14:28:09 Jack rolls 11 to RES+Survival+Mantle (10 Again) 10, 9, 9, 1, 2, 4, 6, 3, 9, 6, 2, 1 4 successes
    2011-08-28 14:20:46 Jack rolls 3 to STA (10 Again) 8, 3, 3 1 success
    2011-08-25 04:52:16 Jack rolls 1 to Glamour 4 failure
    2011-08-25 04:52:03 Jack rolls 1 to Health 10 1 success

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