Eternal Summer I

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Four Seasons Hotel
Location Four Seasons Hotel
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Doctor Jack
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Irea Dimelo
Juno Mantiserra
Katrin Byeli
Leopold Glass
Marcus Evan
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Sam Barkley
Tally Benoit
Terri Nutkins
Date Began 2011/07/26
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An informal gathering of Lost outside the Throne Room, after the disasterous Summer Coronation has left the Freehold reeling. [1]


  • Rook and Marcus Evan banter lightly. Marcus asks Rook if he'll be staying after the events of the Summer Coronation. Rook says that he will. The two of them are joined by Irea Dimelo, who unfortunately missed the Coronation and needs to be brought up to speed, and Sam Barkley, who offers them all a drink. Rook is the only one brave, or reckless enough to accept, and drinks from Sam's flask. It doesn't appear to have had any ill effects, long term...


  • Doctor Jack strikes up a conversation with the returned Sam Barkley, Irea Dimelo and Tally Benoit. He encourages Tally to come out of her shell, briefly interrupted by Leopold Glass who has nothing better to do than try and insult Tally for her poor performance in the boxing match at the Summer Coronation. [3]
  • Mrs. Rosemary presents the winners of the Summer Contests with their prizes- a Welkinstick. She also attempts to feed every single individual present. [4]

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