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Four Seasons Hotel
Location Four Seasons Hotel
Alice White
Something's wrong!
Katrin Byeli
Marcus Evan
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Rust Mane
Tally Benoit
Terri Nutkins
Date Began 2011/06/21
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The Freehold comes together again for the passing of the Crown for the Summer Coronation[1]


  • Queen Alice White passes the crown to King Rust Mane and he makes the announcements of the events of the evening to come.[2]
"Time passes and Spring progresses into Summer. The new life blossoms and desire gives birth to the burning passions of the crimson court." She slowly placed the crown on Rust's head and continued as it descended. "May the iron in their souls steel us for the hard days ahead." - Alice White
"As announced there would be a competition. There are three prizes for the best in each category. The first is a test of physical might, a fight between the freehold's more combat enabled. The second competition is a test of intelligence and wits. This is in the form of a Riddle solving contest. Finally the third is a talent contest. Please sign up with Mrs Rosemary and the events will begin shortly." - Rust Mane
  • Meanwhile Spartan's inner monologue gives a ominous foreshadowing of things to come... [3]
"And that there were no shenanigans like with the Autumn and Winter court." - Spartan
  • Once the Crown is successfully passed Spartan steps forward to challenge Fu for the position of Summer Champion.[4][5]
"I am Spartan, Hand of the Iron Vigil. I challenge Fu for the title of Summer Champion. Accept my challenge Fu, or step down." - Spartan
"Can't just let you have it now can I?" - Fu
"Oh, get the popcorn," - Nightfall
  • King Rust Mane names the terms of the challenge and causes a bit of an uproar, see Spartan's inner monologue from earlier.[6]
"Wrath knows not Compassion. It is a luxury not affordable in war. Wrath knows Brotherhood. Fu, Castor, as brothers your Wrath is shared. Defeat the hated foe who would rob you both of Honor. Defeat the Weakness that is Compassion. Fight to die or back out and live in shame. These are the terms of this Contest." - Rust Mane
  • Needless to say, some people tend to have a problem with this idea.[7]
"Let me get this strait, they are sanctioning murder for the sake of a title with the gentry breathing down our neck?" - Alice White
"You're going to demand one of these men to kill the other, or walk away in shame because you Hate. You hate yourself, and you hate the rest of us as much as you hate The Gentry. Summer, and Summer's Wrath, are ascendent, Rust's Hate is not." - Nightfall
"Bullshit! What're you trying to do, King of Summer? Weaken us further by allowing the death of one of our best fighters? I don't recall you fighting for the crown? At least, not in front of so many who would see you shamed. Like now." - Terri Nutkins
  • Fu and Spartan decided that they will fight, but not to the death.[8][9]
"Brother if you wish to be Summer's Champion then prove it with not my blood but your own. Prove to everyone here that you are what you seek. But prove it out there. We have business to take care of, let us take care of it as Brothers and then decide who gets to have a fancy title." - Fu
“I will fight Fu, but not kill him. I have killed too many enemies to now kill an ally. Our court is about Honor and Loyalty, not hate and murder. We temper our Wrath into a powerful weapon. A weapon that the Red Victor must be the living embodiment of. I am that weapon." - Spartan
  • Spartan decides that Rust Mane's reign has come to an end, he has lost the faith and confidence of his court.[10]
“Brother. It is time.” - Spartan
"You think you can take this burden. You think you can withstand this? These cowards. It's easy for them to judge. They have no one to answer to. Not even themselves.” - Rust Mane
"Your crime is cowardice. You fear that without that Crown, you'll return to being a forgotten, meaningless piece of shit paralyzed by fear and dreaming of hate." - Nightfall
"Cowards? After everything you have seen about me the countless stands I have taken on issues in defense of the freehold down to the scar on my face. I bear daily, wearing it as a badge for all to see, which is a constant reminder of my promise to stand in defense of this freehold, every citizen and their desires." - Alice White
"Brother, King, Warrior, Lion, Your time as Summer Sovereign has come to an end. It is time brother." - Spartan
"Wear it better then I could" - Rust Mane
"I refuse to accept that you would demand the life of a brave man for a bloody Court Title, yet discard the Crown of our Freehold as if it were meaningless. You're our king. You're my king. You promised to lead us. So, lead us... for fuck's sake." - Marcus Evan
  • At the most wrong time possible the Crown speaks, and just makes things worse.[12]
"Where are you going Rust?" - The Crown
"Tell me you heard that too. I'm not that insane am I?" - Rust Mane
"You know this is what they want? They want my freehold to argue amongst itself and fail. Rust, do you even realise what have you done?" - the Crown
"It would seem the only one argue to anything now is you The Freehold spoke. No Blood, No Hate, No Rust. Am I wrong?" - Rust Mane
"You act as if I am the bad guy. I am here to serve the freehold, to help protect you all. It was in this situation I manifested this voice, to persuade from this course of action. Rust, your court no longer see you as king which means I can not. It seems Summer has spoken and this piece of costume jewellery will leave you with these words." - the Crown.
  • The Crown gives one last piece of advice before it goes back to its dormant state.[13]
"A word of warning I do bring.
Summer has lost its King.
Now I give you all advice.
Seasons cannot pass twice.
Such as Autumn could not pass to spring.
The freehold must remain without a King.
Until it comes to Autumn day,
The throne is where the crown shall stay."
- The Crown
"This is ridiculous. We pause to the voice of a piece of costume Jewelry, like it is Zues calling down from Olympus. The confrontation was almost resolved. And that thing continues to pick away at my brother's sanity?" - Spartan
"This is what banished HAL. A sane man. The best king ever to lead this Freehold. This beauty drove him insane. Alice." - Rust Mane
If you try to harm that crown, break the seasonal pack, or through your action, non-action, or cause others to attempt to do the aforementioned I swear that you WILL die. You have no legitimate claim over Summer, you have no right to issue orders to anyone present to do your bidding and try to destroy us all with rash thinking. No one is going to destroy that crown..." - Alice White
  • Rust Mane is told to leave, and Spartan calls forth any who wish to take on the roll of Summer Sovereign. No one does but him.[16]
"Iron Spear, king or not we must choose a new Summer Sovereign. The Summer Court must have a sovereign, Do any of you wish to claim the title?" - Spartan
"I will only if neither of you do." - Fu
"I would prefer to stay in the lower-key position I have at present." - Xerxia
Marcus just shakes his head - Marcus Evan
"Very Well, I claim the title of Summer Soverign. I thank you for your support, I will not disappoint." - Spartan

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