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Forge, The
Location Forge, The
Marcus Evan
Mary Lee
Rust Mane
Terri Nutkins
Date Began 2011/09/17
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On the 17th of September 2011, Rook answered Rust Mane's challenge in the cage at The Forge. [1]

  • Spartan spends the day in the cage before the match. When Rook and Marcus Evan arrive, he's still a bloody mess. Other Changlings arrive to watch the brawl, Otto Fischer and Terri Nutkins. Spartan asks for a moment of Terri's time before the brawl, but Rust Mane arrives suddenly, and Spartan asks Rook to name his terms. [2]
  • Rook names his terms- a straight fist fight, without contracts or glamour. Nightfall slips in late, and sits down next to Terri Nutkins. [3]
  • Rust Mane attempts to make Rook back off, challenging the Summer Constable to hit him if he really believes what he said in the Freehold. Rook responds by hitting Rust so hard that he's flung back against the links of the cage. He then tells the disgraced Summer King to stop whining and grow up. [4]
  • Rust Mane delivers a speech, swaying from the blow. He declares that Rook hates him, and that the Summer Constable should just hit him until the pain goes away. Rook tells him that he won't let Rust commit suicide by brawl, and that if he wanted him dead, he wouldn't have pulled the punch enough that it didn't shatter bone. Spartan looses patience with Rust's approach and exiles him from the Summer Court. Rust faints from the injuries Rook inflicted on him. [5]
  • Terri Nutkins rushes over to help the unconscious Rust Mane. Rook assists her, while Nightfall points out, to the unconscious ex-Summer, that it's not actually possible to rage quit life. Rook almost laughs in relief, while Otto Fischer insists on calling a doctor. Mary Lee enters the Forge. [6]
  • Rust Mane comes around, and appears to have amnesia temporarily. He asks why everyone is angry with him. Rook bites his tongue and tells Rust that he hit him. Rust asks if Rook soothed his wrath, and Rook shakes his head, stepping away, as he doesn't believe Rust's sudden, inexplicable personality change. Nightfall tells Rust to stop playing the martyr, and to stop being an idiot.[7]
  • Rust Mane goes with Otto Fischer and Mary Lee to the bar, where they tend to his wounds. He seems grateful, and speaks a little with the two of them. Nightfall and Rook go to the other end of the bar to have a quiet drink. Otto decides that he needs to speak to Nightfall and heads over. In the conversation, Otto outright tells Nightfall that he's doing work for the Spring Queen, and that he's checking up on him. Nightfall loses his temper and leaves. Rust askes Rook if he'll shake his hand. Rook tells Otto that it's damn low getting involved with other people's personal lives, and refuses to shake Rust's hand until he proves any sort of change, because words are cheap. The chesspiece then leaves. [8]
  • Terri Nutkins excuses herself, and goes to talk to Spartan, who is in his trashed office. Spartan admits that Faith has left him. Terri tries to break the atmosphere with a joke, and instantly regrets it. The two discuss sending Faith's things onto her, and Spartan asks how things are outside. Terri says nothing, her expression telling all as she takes the box and leaves.[9]
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