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Four Seasons Hotel
Location Four Seasons Hotel
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Alice White
Betony Rue Jasons
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Irea Dimelo
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Marcus Evan
Mary Lee
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Sam Barkley
Tally Benoit
Terri Nutkins
Date Began 2011/10/03
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An informal gathering of Lost in Autumn's Ascendancy, 2011, for the purposes of swearing the Freehold Oath. [1]


  • Betony Rue Jasons speaks immediately with Rick Pereg, demanding to know information on the upcoming Ash Run. Rick tells her his target, and Betony Rue warns him that she has already taken out a contract with the Tolltaker Knighthood on Peter Milford. Al-Adin walks over and greets her happily, but is cut down by the Witch of the Bitter Winds' scything remarks. Driven to tears, he pleads her to allow him to help. Otto Fischer interrupts, asking for the King's ear, but Rick brushes him off, telling him it's not the time. Otto translates a Japanese document that Al-Adin has, and Rick sends him to distribute it to the other Sovereigns. [2]
  • Spartan calls over Sam Barkley, Marcus Evan and Rook, to plan the murder of the dangerous Changelings Enzo Di Veyron and Peter Milford. The planning is sharp and quick, interrupted only briefly by Uncle Bobby looking to meet his Sovereign. As Sam sets Bobby a task, the other Summer Courtiers make plans to meet, to take action against a danger to the Freehold. [3]
  • Terri Nutkins directs several newcomers towards the Sovereign for the Freehold oath, including Uncle Bobby, Karina Fyodorovna and later, Uncle Deadly, Tom Oaken and Kelly Dimhart, living effectively up to her role as Legate of Mists and Twilit Page. [5]
  • Seeing a large group of Winter Courtiers, Irea Dimelo moves over to quickly introduce herself and tell them about the Freehold. Degnar, Michael Gamblin and several others are quickly joined by Big Swilla, who sets them straight on the way things are in Sacramento. Unseen, Irea slips out mid-way through the conversation. [6]
  • Otto Fischer heads over to Spartan, passing on the information. He attempts to panic the Summer King by refering to groups of maurading Changelings, but level heads prevail, and both Spartan and Rook speak of the need to be wary, but not pre-emptive. Frustrated, Otto leaves, having failed to inspire panic in the bastion of Summer. [7]
  • Rick Pereg administers the Freehold oath. Most take it happily. Uncle Deadly refrains, which initially no one points fingers at- until he begins to decry the Court system loudly, calling it Tyrannical. The Dread Lord closes him down with sharp, blunt words, leaving Deadly looking quite foolish in front of the gathered Changelings. [8]
  • Rook, under Spartan's instruction, tells Justin Kincaid that he is going to be assessed for Summer membership. The younger Elemental seems surprised by Rook's approach, but quickly agrees to the test, showing a great deal of mettle and enthusiasm. [9]
  • Terri Nutkins and Rook have a quiet conversation to the side, as Rick Pereg administers the Freehold oath. Rook reluctantly takes the step of opening up a small amount to Terri, and agrees to speak with her later, outside of the Freehold. [10]
  • Mr. Bates catches Rick Pereg's ear as the Freehold Commons closes, regarding Tickle. After brief discussion, Rick decides to give Tickle a second chance. [11]
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