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Changelings with a strong Clarity rating are so adept at sorting the mystical from the mundane that their ability to spot the telltale signs of supernatural phenomena becomes incredibly sharp. This heightened awareness is most commonly referred to as “kenning.” A player whose character’s Clarity rating is 6 or higher may choose to spend a Willpower point and ask the Storyteller to secretly roll the player’s Clarity to detect the presence of the supernatural in the area. It should be noted that unless the changeling scores an exceptional success, she may recognize that a particular person is a supernatural being but will not automatically be able to tell exactly what type of creature the person, which means any potential contact is best handled very carefully and discreetly.[1]

This is information about the mechanic. Action: Instant

This is information about the mechanic. Cost: 1 Willpower

This is information about the mechanic. Dice Pool: Clarity rating

This is information about the mechanic. Only Changelings with Clarity 6 or higher may roll Kenning


Roll Results

Dramatic Failure

A potentially disastrous reading of the situation, as determined by the Storyteller. The character might fail to notice the presence of dangerous supernatural entities, or misidentify a harmless bystander as a powerful mystical being. Alternately, the character might simply suffer from some form of sensory overload that imposes a small penalty and renders this ability useless for the rest of the scene.


The character is unable to get a clear impression one way or another.


Each success reveals the presence of one nearby supernatural being, item or magical effect, assuming there are any present to detect. This will not allow the changeling to detect anything that is being actively concealed with some form of magic — Contracts are required for something like that — but it will allow him to spot supernatural individuals even if they are not engaged in any unusual activity at the time.

Exceptional Success

As a success, with the added possibility that the changeling gets a hint regarding the true nature of the things detected, and might even become sensitive to the presence of mystically concealed targets. This should not be enough to automatically locate hidden items or individuals, but sufficient to justify the changeling using other powers to detect them or otherwise react to their presence.


Kenning is also able to detect supernatural items or magical effects, such as active Contracts, and have a chance to notice when Contracts are being activated.[2] These same rolls can also be used to determine if one is being targeted by a Contract, Token or Curse.

This is information about the mechanic. Being the target of a supernatural effect, individual or item gives a +2 dice bonus to determine that it is being activated (or attempted to be activated), and the same bonus to determine the nature of the effect attempted.

Active Contracts

The mechanics for detecting active Contracts are similar to those for detecting supernatural beings. At the player’s request, the Storyteller makes a secret roll using the Lost’s Clarity as the dice pool, with standard Perception modifiers applied.

This is information about the mechanic. The Lost can detect one already activated, non-concealed Contract in the area per success. (Dramatic failures work per the standard Kenning rules.) This detection gives the Lost the general Contract type (Dream, Fleeting Spring or Goblin Sacrifice, for example) but does not reveal the specific clause activated unless the Lost possesses that clause themselves, or an Exceptional Success is rolled.

This is information about the mechanic. The changeling may, however, make an Intelligence + Occult Skill roll for each Contract sensed by Kenning. Upon a success, the Lost is able to determine the specific clause active. The ST may require more than one success for rare or unusual Contracts or clauses. This roll may be made for each specific Contract detected. The changeling may target this Kenning in an area (within his eyeshot), or focus it on a specific individual or object. Normal perception modifiers apply to this challenge.

Contract Activation

To notice a Contract being cast, however, is a more difficult matter. To do so, the Lost must be actively attempting to notice supernatural effects.

This is information about the mechanic. Clarity is rolled as a reflexive challenge at a –2 penalty (with normal Perception modifiers applied.)

This is information about the mechanic. Success indicates that the character is aware that another Lost is attempting to activate a Contract, but it does not automatically tell her what Contract is being attempted unless she achieves an Exceptional Success (even if she possesses the Contract and/or clause herself).

This is information about the mechanic. Upon making an Exceptional Success, she may make an additional Intelligence + Occult Skill roll (with standard Perception modifiers) to determine the specific clause being attempted, with the target number of successes required being determined by the Storyteller based on the Contract’s rarity.

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