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Changelings are no longer human, but neither are they fully fae. Upon returning to Earth, most changelings find themselves walking a fine line between two worlds. They cannot deny what they have become, but at the same time, it is their strong connection to this world that allowed them to return, and they feel a need to identify with and be accepted by the world around them.

Clarity tracks this delicate balance between the mundane world and the maddening realms of Glamour. A changeling with high Clarity is able to easily distinguish between the two worlds and might even become slightly more adept at spotting supernatural phenomena otherwise hidden from view. By contrast, a changeling with low Clarity finds her perceptions spiraling out of control. She starts having trouble distinguishing her dreams from reality, and starts mixing up elements from the two worlds. She might begin perceiving strange creatures from the Hedge in the ordinary world or incongruously normal fragments of mundane life amid the riot of Faerie. At first these mistaken perceptions are transitory and relatively harmless, but as Clarity slips, they interfere in her life more and more until it is all but impossible to exist sanely in either reality and she is reduced to a mere shell of a being.

This is information about the mechanic. Clarity is purchased with XP at a cost of new dots X 3[1]

This is a benefit of the mechanic. A changeling whose Clarity is 8 or higher receives a +2 dice bonus on all rolls related to sensory perception, even Arcadia.

This is a benefit of the mechanic. Kenning: Changelings with a strong Clarity rating are so adept at sorting the mystical from the mundane that their ability to spot the telltale signs of supernatural phenomena becomes incredibly sharp.

This is a drawback of the mechanic. As Clarity falls, the character suffers a cumulative –1 die penalty to Perception rolls for every two points below Clarity 7.

  • –1 at Clarity 5–6
  • –2 at Clarity 3–4
  • –3 at Clarity 1–2.

This is a drawback of the mechanic. Should a changeling ever descend to Clarity 0, he becomes a hopelessly deluded lunatic and is removed from the player’s control.

Clarity Kenning Perception Breaking Point Degeneration
10 10 +2 Entering the Hedge. Dreamwalking. Using magic to accomplish a task when it could be achieved just as well without. Minor unexpected life changes. 5 dice
9 9 +2 Using tokens or other mystical items. Going a day without human contact. Minor selfish acts. 5 dice
8 8 +2 Breaking mundane promises or commitments, especially to attend to faerie matters. Changing Courts. Injury to another (accidental or otherwise). 4 dice
7 7 - Taking psychotropic drugs. Serious unexpected life changes. Petty theft. 4 dice
6 6 -1 Revealing your true form to unensorcelled mortals. Going a week without human contact. Obvious displays of magic in front of witnesses. Grand theft (burglary). 3 dice
5 -1 Killing another changeling. Killing a fetch. 3 dice
4 -2 Breaking formal oaths or pledges. Extreme unexpected life changes (pregnancy, losing one’s home, etc.). Impassioned or impulsive serious crimes (manslaughter). 3 dice
3 -2 Actively harming a mortal by ravaging their dreams. Going a month without human contact. Kidnapping. Developing a derangement (not including derangements brought on by failed degeneration rolls). 2 dice
2 -3 Killing a human. Casual/callous crime against other supernaturals (serial murder). 2 dice
1 -3 Spending time in Arcadia. Prolonged or intimate contact with the True Fae. Mortal identity is suddenly and unexpectedly destroyed, totally abandoned or otherwise fundamentally changed. Heinous acts of torture, depravity or perversion. 2 dice
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