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Mable Wood
“To me a lush carpet of pine needles or spongy grass is more welcome than the most luxurious Persian rug.” Helen Keller
Domain Gangrel CRONE

First Impression

Looks: Mable has long dirty blond hair, usually flowing around her face unless she is working. She has brown warm eyes. She is 5'2" with an athletic build. Mable has striking looks that are wholesome. For those who get close enough...she usually smells like lavender and fresh air.

Personality: She is outdoorsy. Mable tends to be a quiet person. She can be shy because she is not used to being in social situations. She has spent most of her life with nature, not people. When she feels more comfortable socially, her passion begins to show. She also is qwerky in the way she dresses, in her ideas, and her basic thoughts on life/death. She projects an image of fun and carefree, just don't piss her off or the claws may come out.

Before Embrace

Mable was a Forest Ranger. She was hired out of high school as an entry level worker. She counted trees, planted seedlings, and removed diseased trees. Her belief was she was working for a better world. She loved nature and loved the woods. Caring for nature was the best way to make the world better. This sits well with her virtue of hope. Hope is there will be a way out of the gloom to a brighter place. She works tirelessly when pursuing her passions. She has been known to hurt others when pursuing her passions. She had been known to get people fired who got in her way of taking care of the trees.

After Embrace

For years Mable worked with her Sire watching the woods. She traveled many places and worked in many forests. After a while she started to work on her own. She missed her best friend but was happy to go from domain to domain making friends and exploring. After working in the Red Wood Forests, Mable learned there was an Urban Forest project in Sacramento. This opportunity excited her because it meant bringing forests to a city. Mable works a night shift to help plant, protect, and maintain the trees.

Striking Looks ●● (Wholesome)
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