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Italian Savage
Domain Gangrel Invictus

Personal Soundtrack

Music.jpg Lacuna Coil Heaven's a Lie
Music.jpg Lacuna Coil Our Truth
Music.jpg Godsmack Cryin' Like A Bitch'
Music.jpg Godsmack Greed
Music.jpg Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross (feat Karen O) Immigrant Song

About Me

Alessandra, or Ale to her friends, grew up in Florence Italy. Her father was a famed wine maker, but was also the boss of the local Mafia. Her teenage years lead to rebellion, which is still present with her numerous tattoos which cover most of her body. Standing roughly 5'6, she favors boots with skirts, but has been known to clean up well for Courts and whatnot.

She is known to go by Sofia De Luca when dealing with business or matters outside Domain affairs.


Alessandra grew up in Florence Italy as an only child of a mob boss. Her parents gave her everything she could ever want. She was their little princess, the apple of their eyes. When she hit her teenage years she was tired of the rules and bored with everything. She began to rebel with tattoos, boys, and drinking. Her wild ways worried her parents, and her dad decided to give her more responsibility in the family business when she turned 18. She had been training all her life in hand to hand combat, guns, and all aspects of the business. Now she had her own crew to run. And run it she did. She quickly rose in the ranks of the Mafia, making her father proud with each achievement. But with success came enemies. Everything from those who wanted to remove her father from power, to those who didn’t like a woman climbing the ranks. It was one of those rivals that was her death, and a traveler who would be her savior. It had been a night out with her crew, a local disco tech, and one she felt comfortable in. That would lead to the gun fight that wiped out her friends, and killed her. Well, it would have, had it not been for the stranger who had seen what happened. And in her last dying breaths, he granted her eternal life, making her leave behind her family and connections for a life on the road. It would be years before her Sire told her why he chose her. Those fighting and gun skills peaked his interest, and he knew they would prove useful for his unlife on the road. And those skills saved their necks many nights. Except the night they were caught off guard, and she was forced to watch as her Sire and her best friend, met his Final Death. She was left for the Day Star, but her resilience and sheer Will helped her survive. And soon after, she sought vengeance, and refused to rest until every last Kindred was ashed by her hands. Those acts may have eased her dead heart, but made her a target. So began her nomadic life, moving from one Domain to another, never staying for long. She went wherever her mood brought her, and soon decided to try America, Italy and Europe held nothing for her anymore.


Odds and Ends

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