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Alice Hart
'I might be dead, but I'm still a girl.'
Domain Nosferatu CRONE
Striking Looks ●● (Paith Wraith)

Former Seneschal of the Domain
Acolyte of the Circle of the Crone
Former Priscus of Clan Nosferatu
Former Mistress Keeper of the Deep Kingdom
Music Box
Music.jpg Egypt Central White Rabbit
Music.jpg Shinedown Her Name Is Alice
Music.jpg Five Finger Death Punch Jekyll and Hyde'

Do to her own hubris and rage Alice Hart fell into Torpor on the 29th of December 2017


Alice is a slim, albino women. Appearing in her early twenties, her hair is as white as freshly fallen snow, her eyes were once a striking violet, but as the Blood grows, her once amethyst eyes have fallen to dust. Leaving nothing but empty pits of darkness behind. To hide those vacant pits of horror she wears sunglasses. The frames as close a match as Alice could find to the amethyst of the eyes she used have.

Alice prefers to wear either black, or white. Though recently she's added soft pastels, and even bolder colors to her wardrobe. All of her clothing is well made, without the normal wear and tear normally associated with a Nosferatu's clothing.

Nosferatu Curse

Past her Albinism, you see that shes the picture of symmetrical perfection, from the tips of her toes to the arch of her hairline. From her button nose, to the perfect cupids bow of her lips. Either shes made a deal with the Devil or shes had work done. Shes fake, and everyone can tell. Spending more money to look like a china doll and less like a plastic Barbie, doesn't mean shes fooling anyone. Marring her unnatural beauty are her eyes, or the lack of them, vacant pits of visceral horror.

The Girl Who Would Become Alice

If Alice was to become Alice, then she couldn't have been born Alice. The Autumn Equinox of 1990 saw a forever pale child born to the Devereux family. Named Charlotte, in polite and law abiding company she was simply a textile heiress. To those same people she was kept indoors due to her condition. In reality, Charlotte was a blight on the family name. Not just for her appearance, but because of...everything about her. She was nothing like her brother, who was perfectly normal, thank you very much.

They preferred to lock her in her room, forget she was there, or even existed and let the help tend to her.

That didn't stop a ten year old Charlotte from sneaking out of the house when everyone else slept. She snuck out as often as she thought she could get away with it. Durning one of these instances where she met her best friend. A tall man, wearing cloths at least a century out of date, where many would question his presence, Charlotte was simply delighted. Her very first friend, and latter lover.

What Charlotte didn't know was that man; Henry Dewitt, was a vampire, and he was grooming her for when she was at an age that he could Embrace her.

Eventually Charlotte learned to hide her imagination, her first, whimsical instincts within the confines of her mind. To act like other girls her age, and after years of feigning normalcy in front of her family they allowed her a chance. They were allowing her to attend university, it would be out of province and she would need to use an alias so if there was any social backlash, repercussions of her own actions out in the wide world, it wouldn't be hurled at the Devereux family.

This is of course when she chose Alice, but it would take time before she would internalize the name, and truly claim it as her own.

Her dreams would be shattered, violently and Alice would never get her chance to be like other girls.

Devereuxs have enemies and one such enemy hired a man to kidnap or possibly kill the daughter when he heard that she was leaving the safety of her family home. She did die...sort of. The man who was hired was a Haunt, just known as Jack, who had been something of a scientist in life, wondered what would happen if he Embraced someone who had their own Curse. He wasn't disappointed.

Henry Dewitt eventually caught up with Charlotte and her sire, Jack. When he did, he realized that the women he had put thirteen years into was stolen from him, a battle ensued. During which, Charlotte realized that her best friend, the love of her life was a vampire, as they fought in front of her, she romanticized her time with Henry. Obviously when Henry saw her for the first time, he knew that she was his...his soulmate, something like love at first sight, and he waited for her, and she, the fool, ran away from him to be 'normal'. She ran to Henry when her sire; Jack was nothing more then ash, and threw her arms around him, vowing to herself that she'd never run from him again.

Henry tossed her to the ground, staring at the new Nosferatu in disgust, turned and walked away. He didn't look back.

That's how Charlotte's Nights truly began, alone, and heart broken.

She called her parents once, but makes it clear to them, that they will never see or hear from her again if they keep bank account full, and her credit card bills payed up. They could forget they ever had an albino daughter, declare to the world at large that their daughter; Charlotte died a normal, mundane death and get on with their lives.

Facing the reality of forever, Alice now knows that eventually she'll need to fake her death, and stop taking that money, but that moment was still years away.

Since then Alice's been wandering, mostly keeping to herself, until she drifts into Sacramento deciding that she wants to settle a bit, maybe find something like a purpose to her Requiem.

Sacramento changed everything.

Purpose called upon her, Her Clan needed her, Faith called her, and she was named Seneschal, A Coterie, Family. Love. it seemed the Gods knew just what they were doing when the idea of visiting the River City first sparked into her mind.




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