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Doll Face
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Allowed Physical
Mekhet Shadows in the Dark.jpg
Mekhet Shadows in the Dark pps. 118-119
Level(s) ● (2XP)
Venue Vampire
Possessed By
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Effect: No matter how badly the character got messed up last night, when she awakens from her daily slumber she is always groomed immaculately, without need for a mirror or a servant to do the work for her. Her hair and make-up are exactly as they were the night before. Her skin is as clean as it was the night she was Embraced. The vampire instinctively knows this to be the case.

Vampires with this Merit whose Humanity scores fall low enough to severely impact their interaction with mortal humans begin to look like dolls or mannequins. Their uncanny grooming makes them too perfect, too artificial.

Just as normal, it costs a Willpower point for a vampire with this Merit to make a permanent change to her appearance.
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Character TypeVampire  +
Merit Dots1  +
Merit TypePhysical  +
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