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Allowed Social
Blood of the Wolf.jpg
Blood of the Wolf 46
Preq's Resolve ●●
Larceny ●● or
Subterfuge ●●
Level(s) ●● (6XP)
●●● (12XP)
●●●● (20XP)
Venue All
Possessed By
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It is becoming harder and harder to be anonymous in today’s world as our personal information swells government and business databases. Many become increasingly worried about Big Brother always looking over their shoulders and prying into their business. Some even go so far as to disconnect themselves from many of society’s conveniences in an attempt to shut out its prying camera eye. This Merit reflects the special abilities and knowledge it takes to do so.


Your character manages to stay off the radar of most government and financial databases via an assortment of methods. At two dots, it is assumed that the character uses nearly every legal means at his disposal: dealing in cash, not having credit cards, not having a driver’s license, de-listing phone numbers, not having a phone, having no permanent address (other than possibly a PO box) and so on. At higher levels, he must employ some illegal methods to keep himself secret: creating false identities, stealing others’ identities, seeking to actively destroy data gathered by others and so on.

Each dot subtracts one from Investigation Skill rolls made to discover information about the character.


A character with Anonymity may not purchase Fame. Furthermore, he should have trouble spending Resources more than once a month since it is assumed that he does not have ready access to electronic banking, credit cards and so on. Anonymity may also influence the types of Status allowed by a Storyteller, because many organizations are not going to allow persons who cannot prove their identities to join their ranks. It is possible to lose the effects of the Anonymity Merit if the character is arrested, although the character can manage to regain the effects by having his criminal record erased one way or another.
Facts about AnonymityRDF feed
Character TypeAll  +
Merit Dots2  +, 3  +, and 4  +
Merit TypeSocial  +
Page has default formThis property is a special property in this wiki.Merit Editor  +
ParentBlood of the Wolf  +
PermissionAllowed  +
PrerequisiteResolve  +, Larceny Skill  +, and Subterfuge Skill  +
SourceBlood of the Wolf  +
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