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Allowed Social
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World of Darkness Sourcebook 115
Level(s) ● (2XP)
●● (6XP)
●●● (12XP)
Venue All
Possessed By
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Your character has a measure of recognition in today’s media-saturated society, possibly as a performer, athlete, politician or other sort of public personality. He’s frequently identified and can often get star treatment. On the other hand, it’s difficult for your character to go places without being recognized, and the media watches him carefully.

Each dot adds a +1 modifier to your character’s Socialize (or Persuasion, where applicable) rolls among those who are impressed by his celebrity status.

Drawback: The more famous your character is, the more easily he is recognized by the public. The Storyteller should apply the same +1 modifier per dot to a general Wits + Composure roll to see if he is recognized by anyone on the street. An exceptional success indicates that one or more people are loyal fans who approach him for autographs, pictures and long conversations.

Please use the Spheres of Influence to classify the Fame.

A listing of the active characters and their Fame Merits can be found on the forums.

The Cult of Celebrity

In addition to the penalties suffered for a weak sympathetic connection, the “metaphysical weight” of a target adversely affects a caster’s ability to achieve a direct sympathetic connection. The more well known a person is by other people (especially strangers, who don’t know him personally but might project their hopes and fears upon him), the harder he is to grasp sympathetically.

Subtract the target’s Fame Merit dots from the spellcasting roll. For example, when trying to affect the Queen of England with a sympathetic spell, subtract three dice for her Fame 3.

Places and things can also benefit from such celebrity, making them hard to target sympathetically. The Storyteller decides the proper penalty, although it should be no higher than –3 dice. The notorious house where a famous serial killer buried his 23 victims might be –1, while the Hope Diamond would be –3.

This penalty applies to only spells that directly affect a target, not to indirect spells such as scrying or sending out a telepathic message (one that doesn’t compel the target in any way). Nor does this penalty apply to spells cast at sensory range.
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Character TypeAll  +
Merit Dots1  +, 2  +, and 3  +
Merit TypeSocial  +
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ParentWorld of Darkness Sourcebook  +, and Spheres of Influence  +
PermissionAllowed  +
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SourceWorld of Darkness Sourcebook  +
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