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'Whoever yields properly to Fate, is deemed Wise among men, and knows the laws of heaven.'
Consilium Thyrsus Mysterium
Master of LifeApprentice of MatterDisciple of SpiritInitiate of Death
Former Member of Panthera Nox
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Former Member of Temoins du Sud
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About Me

Aurora, or, Miranda Cutler as she used to be known, is keeping with the family tradition of being a sideshow performer. Throughout her childhood and early teen years she watched, trained and traveled with her family in the finer art of sideshow. Her specialties quickly became sword swallowing, fire dancing and breathing, along with being a contortionist. A new act for her is suspension, something she reserves for special shows. Her grandfather taught her the art of Tarot Reading, and when he passed, she inherited his cards, which were family heirlooms. It is an art she continues in her show to this day, though sometimes she has been known to call upon her magic to aid her abilities.

She doesn’t talk about her Awakening much, just that is was what she calls a beautiful experience.

When performing, or around Sleepers, she has been known to use the name Madison Cross.

She underwent a huge shift in who she is. Her Path changed from one of an Enchantress to one of a Shaman.


Standing roughly 5’11 without heels, she has long wind-blown blonde hair, and blue eyes that sometimes appear grey. For a change and something fun to do, she will sometimes dye the ends of her hair, or all of her hair various colors. To those around her she radiates with confidence, both performing or just talking. She has a few tattoos, gathered over her travels. Each foot holds a sparrow, one red, the other blue. To her, they mean that strength lies in freedom and living life in the present. She also has a small outline of a heart on the outside of her right wrist. The recent addition to her body art is a scarification on her upper back, giving the appearance of open wounds where wings were removed. There are also noticeable scars from the suspension, which are also on her upper back. They are the usual white scar tissue from numerous piercings, the scarification is very different, and pictures can be shown upon request for clarification.

She is a famous contortionist


The sweet, fragrant smells of roses mixed with lilac’s seem to emanate from her as she casts magic. The scent intensifies, boarding on intoxicating, when Life magic is cast. When Faye casts vulgar magic, the scent takes a nasty turn, to the putrid, nauseating odor of a rotting corpse. The stronger the magic, the more those around want to wretch at the smell that seems to invade their nose and mouth.


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