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Consilium Obrimos Silver Ladder

Sacramento was on the short list of places Arthur could go. At the end of the day he decided that California would be a fun place to live for a while. Maybe settle down.

Eventually, Arthur would find himself stranded in time -- left behind in 1912 after helping sink the RMS Titanic. Decades later, he would take on the Shadow Name Peter Cartright and become the first Hierarch of Saramento.


Arthur's nimbus makes itself known through a growing rumble of thunder that culminates as the spell completes. Visually a whirling halo of bright yellow lightning and red fire sparks into existence over his head.

Known Facts
  • Arthur arrived in Sacramento in early February of 2015
  • Arthur hails from the Twin Cities in Minnesota
  • Master of Forces
  • Apprentice of Life
  • Apprentice of Mind
  • Initiate of Prime

Public Face



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Allies2  +
Allies InEmergency Services  +, Judicial  +, and City Hall  +
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MasterForces  +
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ParentVeiled Threats  +, and Nine Linked Chain  +
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Posted23 August 2016  +
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Sacramento End23 August 2016  +
Sacramento Start10 February 2015  +
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