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Instant None
Covert Knowing
Duration Concentration
Mage The Awakening Sourcebook.jpg
Mage The Awakening Sourcebook, p.135
Arrow : Wounds of the Soul
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This sense enables a mage to perceive a soul’s health. He can discern the presence of derangements, but not necessarily their kind (that might require a period of study with an extended Intelligence + Empathy roll). Other kinds of soul marks can also be detected, such as the telltale signs of a mage who has created a Soul Stone. Some soul marks (such as serving as a vampiric vessel) are sufficiently rare and insidious as to penalize rolls made to perceive them.

Adamantine Arrow Rote: Wounds of the Soul

Arrow mages seek to exploit any weakness their enemies might display. Conversely, this rote can also be used to detect vulnerabilities amongst one’s allies.

Ancient Lands Pentalogy Rote: Soul-Reading Divination [1]

This Silver Ladder rote lays bare the deceptions of the flesh to reveal the truths of the soul beneath. The Regent in Silver is depicted using this spell in order to detect the soul of Sophia within the Headsman’s blade.

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