Grimoire of Grimoires

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Grimoire of Grimoires
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Mage WW40203
Pages 160
After Banishers
Before Silver Ladder Sourcebook
PDF DriveThru
Hardback Amazon
ISBN 1-58846-437-8
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Words of Power

Hidden within the covers of innocuous books, written in fire on pages of brass, uttered in ancient tongues on mysterious recordings — the power of the Supernal can be trapped in physical form. For those who unlock the secrets of the grimoires, great majesty and great peril await.

Grimoire of Grimoires includes:

  • 18 new grimoires offering great power and great danger:
  • New spells, legacies and blessings conferred by these works of power
  • Peculiar new grimoire forms, from a popular fantasy series to a black metal album

The Grimoires presented therein are:

  • The Ancient Lands Pentalogy : A successful fantasy serie, hiding within its pages secrets of all Orders
  • The Book of Life : A large tome bound in hide, wherein lies Life's greatest secrets
  • The Book of Transformation : Never twice the same book, nor twice the same reader
  • The Codex of Lies : A recording of Guardian's wisdom, for the intrepid who dare attempt to decipher it
  • Dark Revolution : A rebellious youth tribute to the Adversary
  • The Electric Grimoire : A successful testimony to the mingling of technology and magic
  • Hiden Gogyo Bujutsu : An awakened version of the "Art of War"
  • The Hildebrand Recording : A CD reputedly imprinted with a contact with the Abyss
  • The Ialdabaoth Codex : A strange bestiary of Abyss creatures, by their gaoler
  • The Key of Brass and Flame : An ancient tome of Goetic magic, kept in the Astral Plane, and holding the secret to make one's inner daemon his familiar
  • Lark Demonde’s Travels : The recording, and key, to trips into disappearing places of wonder, and danger
  • Last Days of Atlantis : A recent set of books disclosing heretofore unknown secrets of Atlantis to the believers
  • Le Livre Rouge : An enticing book that promotes the unshackling of Vices from the limitations society as a path to greater power
  • The Loquacious Grimoire : A sentient and whimsical book that likes people that likes books
  • Orpheus’ Last Riddle : A recording of Orpheus's dark musings on the nature of Death after he lost Eurydice
  • The Tablets of U’mat : Old tablets that send the reader onto forbidden pathes in the Dreamtime
  • The Tome of Power : A subtly Abyss-tainted book that grants great destructive powers
  • The True Soul : A book teaching how to protect one's personality, at the cost of losing it
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