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Mage WW40322
Pages 227
After Seers of the Throne Sourcebook
Before Night Horrors The Unbidden
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ISBN 1-58846-365-6
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Conjuring From the Deeps

There are things not of this world. Things that lurk in the margins of the universe, lying in the layers between worlds. They can hear us, see us from afar. And they can be called. Will you be one of those who bind them to their service?

This is a site-wide House Rule Banned: Summoners has been removed from general play on Edge of Darkness. The staff has determined that Summoners is either over powered, inconsistent or does not promote constructive game play in the environment that has been built on this site. Please know that Summoners has been discussed on some level and that the removal of Summoners play was done with the best of intentions. This source material may be available outside of the general setting, in side games.

A Character Book for Mage: The Awakening

  • An expanded focus on mages who summon unearthly entities as a path to power
  • Elaboration on ways to call on the Fallen, the Supernal, the Abyssal and things that may be even beyond such terms
  • Systems for otherworldly pacts, compacts, Legacies, Merits, spells and more
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