Void Scourged

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Void Scourged
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Banned Power
Summoners p. 187
Level(s) ●● (6XP)
●●●● (20XP)
Venue Mage
Possessed By
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The Abyss insinuates itself into the lives of the Awakened in many different ways, but seldom as obvious as with those with the Void-Scourged Merit. Perhaps her initial journey to a Supernal Watchtower was beset by terrible spirits, or maybe she had one too many close calls with Acamoth and their servants in the years since, but some mages learn to harness the power of the marks that the Void leaves seared into their souls.

Void-Scourged willworkers receive a two-dice bonus to all rolls to summon or socially interact with Acamoth and Gulmoth (whether to negotiate a deal or to intimidate such a being into complying with the mage’s wishes). Furthermore, whenever a Void Scourged mage comes within 10 yards per dot of Gnosis of an Abyssal entity, the Storyteller reflexively rolls Wits + Composure for her, with bonus dice equal to the spirit’s Rank. On a success, the character is aware of the presence of an Abyssal being, though she cannot pinpoint its location, or determine its nature or power without the use of other abilities.

This Merit costs two dots (●●) at character creation and four (●●●●) if purchased later.
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Character TypeMage  +
Merit Dots2  +, and 4  +
Merit TypePower  +
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ParentSummoners  +
PermissionBanned  +
SourceSummoners  +
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