Night Horrors The Unbidden

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Night Horrors The Unbidden
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Mage WW40324
Pages 163
After Summoners
Before Mage Chroniclers Guide
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Hardback Amazon
ISBN 978-1-58846-378-4
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I used to be so foolish. I used to think that the world was too small for me, that I was always destined to break through the invisible doors that kept me enclosed among the mundane. Oh, and I was right about that — and I was terribly wrong, too.

Oh yes, I was always destined to break through those doors. I’ve done it. But I was wrong when I thought the world was too small. It isn’t. It’s too large. There’s so much space out there between the stars and behind the doors… so much space that the things that should never have come to be thrive out there, pulsing and growing and waiting.

Waiting for fools like me.

— Chashmal of the Mysterium

For use with The World of Darkness and Mage: The Awakening rulebooks. This book includes:

  • A collection of dangerous threats for any Mage game, antagonists ranging from the

living mage to horrors born of no womb

  • A treatment of Mage as a potential horror game, with advice on how to bring the terrifying, maddening and gruesome elements of magic into a chronicle
  • Dangers that go beyond simple entities — constructs, locales, even conditions and infections poised to plague the Awakened
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