Guardians of the Veil Sourcebook

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Guardians of the Veil Sourcebook
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Mage WW40305
Pages 224
After Legacies the Sublime
Before Tome of the Watchtowers
PDF DriveThru
Hardback Amazon
ISBN 1-58846-426-1
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Who are we? Don't ask for secrets if you cannot keep them. Do you wish to take this step? Good. We are the secret police of the Awakened, charged with our task by the kings of lost Atlantis. We watch and judge the Gifted for any sign of malpractice of their Art, for we knew of old that the Abyssal taint of miscast spells risks the very universe. To remain pure, magic must be kept secret - and we make sure it stays that way.
-- Coatlicue, famulus Susceptor of the order

Guardians of the Veil is a supplement for Mage: The Awakening.

  • The history, culture and society of the spies of old Atlantis
  • Factions within the order, the three Veils of initiation and the 49 Masques worn to change identities
  • New spells, enchanted items and Legacies

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