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Mind ●●●
Instant None
Covert Knowing
Duration Lasting
Guardians of the Veil Sourcebook.jpg
Guardians of the Veil Sourcebook, 194
Guardians : Self-Portrait
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In the world of magic, one’s own mind cannot be trusted. Mages can change memories, even basic personality issues. The Guardians of the Veil are well-known for editing the memories of Sleepers as well as those of mages who cross the line. Though memory-editing spells do not usually cause permanent changes in Awakened targets, even a temporary change could lead to disaster. Guardians who possess suffi cient skill with the Mind Arcanum often regularly use this spell to sift through their memories, looking for gaps or more subtle discontinuities, both in memory or behavior. Mages who are truly paranoid might even use mental compulsions on themselves, forcing them to cast this spell on a regular basis.

Successes must exceed the Potency of any spell used to alter the mage’s memories. If this occurs, the mage becomes aware of the gap or alteration in his memory.

Example: Franklin, a Seer of the Throne, casts Mind 5 “Psychic Reprogramming” on Orion with a Potency of three, causing him to forget the past hour of his life and replacing his memories with false, innocuous memories. Later, Orion, being a paranoid mage, casts Know Thyself as part of his evening rituals. If he scores four or more successes, he discovers the alterations to his memory.

Realizing that one’s memories have been altered doesn’t cancel the spell that did the memory alteration, however. That requires Prime 1 “Dispel Magic,” or Prime 4 “Supernal Dispellation.” Until then, the character’s memory will be as the memory altering spell made it, although he now realizes there’s a discrepancy. With Mind 4, the mage can cast this upon others, allowing him to detect memory manipulations used upon them.

Guardians of the Veil Rote: Self-Portrait

The Guardians claim to have been the first to develop the process of mental self-examination, and are believed to be the first to have codified it into a rote, though the Silver Ladder and the Mysterium are known to have similar rotes.

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