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After Imperial Mysteries
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It wouldn't be magic's cutting edge if it didn't make someone bleed," -- Carbon, founder of the Cloud Infinite Reapers

The Price of Disobedience

All societies have rules--even societies of mages. But rules were made to be broken. For the Awakened, shattered laws raise sinister forces. The Left- Hand Path tempts sorcerers with forbidden power, fulfilling their desires at the risk of ostracism, madness or damnation. In exile, more of them thrive than the Pentacle admits, challenging the peril to their souls ... and uniting in common cause. Look Beneath the Surface

This is a site-wide House Rule Banned: Left-Hand Path has been removed from general play on Edge of Darkness. The staff has determined that Left-Hand Path is either over powered, inconsistent or does not promote constructive game play in the environment that has been built on this site. Please know that Left-Hand Path has been discussed on some level and that the removal of Left-Hand Path play was done with the best of intentions. This source material may be available outside of the general setting, in side games.

This Book Contains:

  • The magical practices banned by Consilium and order
  • Details on Apostates and Heretics, mages on the fringe of Awakened society
  • Secrets of the Mad, dangerous and obsessed mages whose Wisdom failed
  • The hidden threat of the Tremere liches, their goal of summoning the Sixth Watchtower and their methods of Reaping souls
  • The history, society, philosophy, and powers of the Scelesti, mages who worship the Abyss

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