Ancient Signs

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Ancient Signs
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Allowed Social
Guardians of the Veil Sourcebook.jpg
Guardians of the Veil Sourcebook p. 58
Preq's Occult ●●●
Status ● (GotV)
Level(s) ●●● (12XP)
Venue Mage
Possessed By
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Your character knows how the Guardians of the Veil implanted certain symbols and tokens of authority throughout history. These symbols still have power today, so the Guardian can use them to claim authority in secret societies that use such symbols. Make a Wits + Occult roll; each success adds one die to social dice pools used to interact with any secret society that uses Guardian symbols. This aids the character’s attempts to convince the society that she is a member or pretend to hold higher status than she currently possesses. In the modern day, a vast number of organizations that do not necessarily even have an ongoing Guardian influence still use signs and tokens designed by Guardian Cultors.

Drawback: If the deception is discovered or the Wits + Occult roll fails, no other Guardian can use this Merit on the secret society the character has attempted to cheat. Its members either now consider the old signs to be unreliable or have abandoned them before your character tried to use them.

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