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Forces ●●●
Instant None
Vulgar Weaving
Duration Prolonged
Grimoire of Grimoires.jpg
Grimoire of Grimoires, p. 70
Arrow : Karumijustu
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This is a Mage House Rule This rote can only be found in Hiden Gogyo Bujutsu

This spell manipulates wind currents and kinetic energy around the mage to improve her balance and jumping ability, all while reducing her effective weight.

Once cast, the spell provides the 8 again advantage to Dexterity + Athletics rolls to maintain balance, making it easy for a well-trained mage to run across tightropes or jump from one narrow post to another. The mage also adds her Forces dots in feet for every success scored whenever she succeeds at a Strength + Athletics roll. For example, if she scores 4 successes to make a standing broad jump and has Forces 3, she jumps 20 feet (2 per success as usual, + 3 per success using the spell).

Adamantine Arrow Rote: Karumijustu

The “body lightening art” gives practitioners the ability to leap incredible distances and balance on the most precarious surfaces.

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