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Vulgar magic works outside the bounds of reality. Vulgar magic produces an effect that could not possibly occur through the normal laws of physics, or whose probability of occurrence is so high as to be unthinkable. Vulgar magic is by definition showy, accomplishing the impossible right before one’s eyes. Using vulgar spells, mages can fly through the air, transform into creatures out of legend, throw fire and lightning, and literally turn the world upside down. But reality rebels against such magic, so mages pay a price for vulgar spells. That price is a Paradox.

Vulgar magic does not necessarily reveal the spellcaster as the source of the magic, unless the effect obviously comes from him (such as an electrical charge shot forth from his fingertips). The Storyteller decides whether onlookers can trace a spell back to its caster based on the circumstances.

This is information about the mechanic. Casting Vulgar Magic reveals the mage's Nimbus[1].

This is a drawback of the mechanic. Casting Vulgar Magic requires a Paradox roll prior to the spellcasting roll.

Vulgar Magic Examples

The following are all examples of vulgar spells:

  • The mage opens a shimmering gateway in the air, stepping through it and disappearing, or simply vanishes in a puff of smoke. He has cast a Teleportation Space spell.
  • With a laying of hands and a golden light, the mage heals a dying man and restores him to perfect health. He has cast the covert Healing Heart Life spell, but when used to heal aggravated wounds, the spell is vulgar.
  • In a dark mirror, the mage displays images of events happening halfway around the world. He casts a Scrying Space spell.
  • Pointing an oaken staff and speaking a word of power, the mage causes lighting to leap from the staff to strike an opponent. He casts a Thunderbolt Forces spell.
  • The mage hovers in midair in the lotus position, without any visible means of support. He has cast a Flight Forces spell.
  • The mage transforms from a human being into an animal or a fantastic creature. He casts a Shapechanging Life spell.
  • A spirit materializes out of thin air to do the mage’s bidding. The mage casts a Materialize Spirit spell.

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