Ancient Lands Awakening

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Ancient Lands Awakening
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Banned Power
Grimoire of Grimoires.jpg
Grimoire of Grimoires p. 23
Preq's Charity or Hope Virtue
Character Creation Only
Level(s) ●●●● (20XP)
Venue Mage
Possessed By
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Your character underwent an Awakening spurred on by one of the grimoiremanuscripts of The Ancient Lands Pentalogy. All your beginning rotes must be chosen from the grimoire-manuscript that triggered that Awakening. You do gain 3 additional dots of beginning rotes, however.

Additionally, the grimoire-manuscripts often find their way to those who have experienced Ancient Lands Awakenings. Generally speaking, the destiny of the books will arrange for them to come into the hands of those who were Awakened by one of them when they gain an additional dot of Gnosis. Once play begins, Storytellers are encouraged to arrange for other manuscripts to coincidentally come into the hands of characters with this Merit every time such characters increase their Gnosis by 1 dot. Characters with this Merit pay 1 less Experience point to learn rotes from The Ancient Lands Pentalogy grimoire-manuscripts.

Finally, because all who are Awakened by these books seem to possess the same generosity and desire to help others that characterize both Lenore and the protagonist Soter, any mage who underwent an Ancient Lands Awakening who fulfills his Virtue by helping Sleepers using his magic also gains a point of Mana in addition to recovering all his Willpower.
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