Shackled Morality

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Mind ●●●
Instant Mana
Duration Prolonged
Grimoire of Grimoires.jpg
Grimoire of Grimoires, p. 117
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It has been said that virtue is its own reward. Performing an act of kindness or compassion, because one can rather than because one should, promotes growth of character and spirit. This spell forces people to think about why they are acting so generously and negates the altruistic nature of a virtuous deed.

The mage must cast this spell while touching his target. In combat situations this requires a successful Strength + Brawl roll. Once the mage has achieved physical contact he may cast the spell as an instant action in the following turn. With Mind 4 this spell may be cast at sensory range.

If the casting roll is successful, for the next 24 hours the target may not regain Willpower from fulfilling a Virtue. The target may still regain Willpower through other means, such as sleeping or fulfilling a Vice.

Abuse of this spell may be considered an act of hubris (at Storyteller discretion) requiring a degeneration roll for mages of Wisdom 7 or higher (roll 4 dice).

Rote: Le Livre Rouge Rote

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