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A Turn is a three-second period of time. [[Game_Mechanics#Actions|Instant Actions]] are observed in turns. Combat (a series of Instant Actions) is observed in consecutive turns as each combatant tries to overcome opponents.

Initiative Roster

The sequence of events in a Turn are determined by Initiative. The player rolls a d10 and adds the character's Initiative modifier (Dexterity + Composure + applicable abilities), and then the characters are placed in sequence from highest to lowest Initiative values.


When a character's standing in the Initiative Roster comes up, they may do one of two things things:

Delayed Action

Your character doesn't have to act in the order of his Initiative standing in any given turn. He could refrain from acting until something happens in his environment. Maybe he waits till an opponent shows his face, or wants to sprint across an open street during a lull in the shooting. In this case, your character delays his position in the Initiative roster, activating it when you choose. His Initiative rank resets to one that best reflects the time of his action[4].

A Delayed Action must be declared in advance to "interrupt". The player must declare the contingency and Action when they declare their delay[5].

In practice, the three options for declaring a Delayed Action are:

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