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Life ●●
Instant None
Vulgar Ruling
Duration Prolonged
Mage The Awakening Sourcebook.jpg
Mage The Awakening Sourcebook, p.184
Arrow : Living Weapon
Ladder : Chrysalis
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The mage can transform one base form of life (such as insects, fungi or plants) into another base life form. (Note that sentient beings of whatever kind are not considered base life.) By transmuting the living energy of a plant, such as a growing flower or unripe acorn, a mage can transform such life into another form of life entirely, such as an insect swarm. Alternately, the mage can change one kind of insect (or other simple invertebrate life) into another (such as a cockroach into a wasp or an earthworm into a millipede).

At this level, the mage must touch the target. With Life ●●●, he can cast this spell at sensory range.

The mage can affect a target of Size 20 or less. If the target is larger, dice penalties are levied on the spellcasting roll[1]. He can transform a subject into a creature with a Size typical for that type of creature. A large oak tree (Size 10) can be transformed into a small bonsai tree (Size 1), but not into a Size 10 bonsai tree. Transforming a smaller life form (the bonsai) into a larger life form (the oak) levies dice penalties:

Increased Size Dice Penalty
+3 -1
+6 -2
+9 -3
+12 -4
+15 -5

If the caster wants to change a life form (such as a tree) into an insect Swarm, the size of an insect swarm depends on the Size of the life form that was transformed.

Target Life Form's Size Insect Swarm Size
1-3 1-yard radius
4-6 2-yard radius
7-10 4-yard radius
11-15 8-yard radius
16-20' 16-yard radius

' add x2 radius per five additional points of size.

To direct the swarm, the mage can cast the Control Base Life spell.

Silver Ladder Rote: Chrysalis

Ladder mages armed with this rote can bend simple life to their will, transmuting blades of grass into hornets or flies into scorpions to harry and perhaps even kill enemies.

Adamantine Arrow Rote: Living Weapon

Adamantine Arrow mages use their own rote to craft such living weapons.

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