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Alchemical Lab
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Banned Sanctuary
Tome of the Mysteries.jpg
Tome of the Mysteries p. 146
Preq's Sanctum (size) dots equal or greater than Lab rating
Level(s) ● (2XP)
●● (6XP)
●●● (12XP)
●●●● (20XP)
●●●●● (30XP)
Venue Mage
Possessed By
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Your character maintains a laboratory suitable for both the spiritual experiments and the production of gross materials arising from the occult practice of alchemy. The lab is equipped with a mix of ancient and contemporary equipment. Forges, furnaces and cauldrons produced to medieval specifi cations may sit in a climate-controlled environment, monitored by thermostats and carefully vented to the outdoors according to modern industrial safety practices. Your lab may recall the dank basement of a Renaissance castle but is just as likely to resemble a whirring bank of antiseptic, automated machinery straight from the factory fl oor of Merck or Schering-Plough. A computerized database may track your inventory of herbs, metals and pharmaceutical ingredients, or you might simply fi nd what you need by memory, sorting through jar after jar jumbled together on cobwebbed, dusty shelves.

Your dots in this Merit serve as an equipment bonus when creating gross matter, the range of substances that retain and then deliver other spell effects. Additional dots also increase the chances that you’ll have all necessary ingredients on hand when you set out on a new project.


Currently Alchemy as a whole is under ST scrutiny and is not playable or buyable for play at this time.

Facts about Alchemical LabRDF feed
Character TypeMage  +
Merit Dots1  +, 2  +, 3  +, 4  +, and 5  +
Merit TypeSanctuary  +
Page has default formThis property is a special property in this wiki.Merit Editor  +
ParentTome of the Mysteries  +, and Sanctuaries  +
PermissionBanned  +
PrerequisiteSanctum  +
SourceTome of the Mysteries  +
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