OK, the short version:

The dice roller now has an ID column on the far left next to each roll. After you make a roll, instead of copy/pasting like we used to do, you can put that ID inside of a [dice]ID[/dice] tag, and the results will automatically be inserted into your post.

Now the long version:

The basic version
* Below is the result for: [dice=Name Did Action]84456[/dice]
Name Did Action

Displaying Multiple Rolls (separate each ID with a comma)
* This might be used if someone posted a roll in between multiple rolls for the same post
* Below is the result for: [dice=Using a comma to pull mutiples]83890,83891[/dice]
Using a comma to pull mutiples

Displaying Several Sequential Rolls (seperate the first and last with a dash)
* This would be best for an Extended Action
* Below is the result for: [dice=Using a dash to pull a range]83885-83888[/dice]
Using a dash to pull a range