Welcome to Twilight Valley! Since every game, and community, has their own way of doing things, this serves as a way to give you a feel for what TV is about.

The most significant factor in the Twilight Valley setting is that it is fully cross-venue, in a shared setting of a single city. All of the inherent risks and rewards of meeting supernaturals are available, and many of our rules reflect this. In some cases, developer rules have been tweaked to accomodate this, and in other cases house rules exist. So, try to remember this, because if something seems to not make sense within the context of a specific venue, it may be because it makes sense in the overall context of the site. This means that some of the things we do diverges from, or even contradicts, the written material. That's OK... they're just guidelines If you have a question, please, please feel free to ask.

We want everyone to have fun, and play fair. We also expect everyone to show each other, the staff, and the setting a degree of respect. Our policy is simple: you and your characters will be given respect until IC or OOC actions dictate otherwise. Likewise, we ask that you respect your fellow players and their characters. Several of the venues have rigid hierarchies, and this will mean respecting those social conventions and players that are higher up on the ladder than yourself. They, in turn, are expected to not abuse that rank. Everyone has equal opportunity for advancement.

The Man
Unlike other sites, we want, and encourage, players to take an active role. We would like to see every role or position of power filled by a player. While that may seem contrary considering so many Staff members have PCs in positions of power, the vast majority of those were earned in-game before that player joined the Staff. Yes... great players make great staff when openings need filling If you play hard and play smart, it is noticed. Although a position may be occupied, that doesn't mean it's unavailable. Everyone loves a good coup, too...

The Eighth Rank
Whoah, what? You promoted your pawn to a position? Congratulations. Now you get to direct a family, or organization, or whatever. It also means that you have to do a bit of work We ask that 'group leaders' keep track of active members, and their Status (if applicable) as well as help provide and enforce the same ideals of the site within their group. Think mentorship rather than tyranny, and you're on the right page.

Picking up the Dry-Cleaning
Many players wonder how to get involved. One of the main ways is through assignments given by ranking players or NPCs. Some may be part of a plot, some may not. They do, however, serve several purposes. They give you something to do, as well as a chance to earn Status and/or recognition. They also invest you in your character, and the other character. View these as opportunities to get involved, develop your character, meet others, and contribute to the overall Story. They also give the ranking player a sense of accomplishment and ownership. Circle of life, and all that