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The Devil is in the Dots >> PLEASE READ <<

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    Hey, everyone, I'd just like to remind everyone to keep things accurate between what you write and what's on your Character Sheet.

    If your STR is 2, you're not ripped. There's no 6pack. You're average. Likewise, if you don't have Striking Looks, you're not that average person who has an inviting smile that draws people in.

    There have been a few instances of people playing a bit fast and loose with narration about their characters, and the bottom line is that narration needs to correspond to your character sheet. If you want those fast hands that shuffle like a Vegas dealer, you need to buy DEX. Just saying you worked in Vegas for 50 years won't cut it.

    Let's just try to keep it real and respect the players who have spent points on various things.

    Narrating qualities or items you don't have is just like adding dice to powers or attacks, and something I take seriously.
    Don't hate the player, hate the game.
    The Zeroth Law & the Burden of InteractionThe Devil is in the DotsGreat ExpectationsPlaying MagePlayer Run Plots
    If you have a question about your character, please post it on your character sheet

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    I just wanted to again remind people that the Devil is indeed in the Dots.

    Example of the above, You will never see Conner have flocks of women run to him and try and grind his gears. He has Presence 2 and no striking looks. Which means if he wants a date he has to rely on his winning personality... oh wait... shit.

    An Example of the opposite, and possibly the most forgotten, Asa Clarke has Presence 4 and SL2 which means that when that dude steps into a room, heads be turning, people be looking.

    There are other examples of this, like people being great orators without a dot in academics but I think you all know where I am coming from.

    If you need any more information on what the dots represent please check out page 43 of your World of Darkness Core book. Available for sale at fine online retailers

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    No worries guys, Steven is just trying to remind people that you have to play to the dots you have in your character sheet. If I don't have a single dot in Science, I'm not gonna have my toon speak about the intricacies of quantum mechanics...because that would just be silly, and its technically speaking cheating, since I don't have the dots to justify that.

    It's easy to forget about that stuff sometimes, especially with the social attributes/skills. That's why Steven is just giving a friendly reminder

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    If it helps:

    From nWoD Core book page 43, side bar: Attribute Dots
    Dots Talent
    1 - Poor. Unexercised, unpracticed, or inept.
    2 - Average. The results of occasional effort or application.
    3 - Good. Regular practice or effort, or naturally talented.
    4 - Exceptional. Frequently applied, tested, and honed, or naturally gifted.
    5 - Outstanding. The peak of normal human capability. Continuously exercised or naturally blessed.

    From nWoD Core book page 54, side bar: Skill Dots
    Dots Proficiency Level
    1 - Novice. Basic knowledge and/or techniques.
    2 - Practitioner. Solid working knowledge and/or techniques.
    3 - Professional. Broad, detailed knowledge and/or techniques.
    4 - Expert. Exceptional depth of knowledge and/or techniques.
    5 - Master. Unsurpassed depth of knowledge and or techniques. A leader in the field.

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    Guys and Gals, I have been noticing more and more lately people ignoring people with SL and a High Presence. Just because you may not want to jump the persons bones doesn't mean they will be ignored.

    Presence means they STAND OUT. So if you have Presence 4, they STAND OUT. It doesn't mean you want to jump them. But they Stand out. Just like a person with SL. If they have SL in something, they STAND OUT, for good or ill.

    So please, be respectful to those people who have those high stats. Again, it does not mean you are going to throw yourself at them, but you should at least notice them...


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    Magical Chinchilla
    Star Scenes

    I'd also like to note that Presence trumps Striking Looks:

    Bearing. Stature. Assertiveness. Presence suggests the
    power of your characterÕs very identity. Attractiveness is
    only part of the trait. Your character may be jaw-dropping
    gorgeous, plain-Jane or downright ugly, but her Presence
    means much more.

    I've often seen people fawn over an SL 1 / Presence 2, and ignore a non-SL / Presence 3; when, mechanically, the PRE 3 means more. Just food for thought
    Don't hate the player, hate the game.
    The Zeroth Law & the Burden of InteractionThe Devil is in the DotsGreat ExpectationsPlaying MagePlayer Run Plots
    If you have a question about your character, please post it on your character sheet

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