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    The old thread was getting super long in the tooth!

    So, me.

    I am, as a former player Chrisie once wonderfully described herself -- old enough to know better but too old to change.

    After my table top fell apart I went through two very small online pbp games until finding Twilight Valley. Five months later the founders decided to pursue other interests and I 'inherited' it -- and a couple of years later we re-branded it. I rediscovered that I enjoyed writing and pbp has been a very good format for what I'm looking for in a game. I also tend to bang on the site code as a form of meditation :P

    I'm pretty open as far as gaming goes, and play all sorts of character types.

    I post several times a week, at least every other day.

    I don't have many boundaries, so it's fairly rare for me to get offended as a player.

    I'll do socializing and plots, but probably lean towards plots. Regarding plots -- I'm not afraid of character death, but I do play to win rather than playing with a death-wish.

    Anything else? Feel free to ask.
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    College life exposed me to tabletop RP and the beauty of pen and paper adventures. I started on D&D 3.5 and then got with a crowd of hobbyists who made their own custom systems between. My first exposure to WoD was an obsession with the VtR: Bloodlines PC game and a pursuit of the tabletop system in excitement of CCP's acquisition of Whitewolf (disappointment to follow). So I found Edge of Darkness, still very green to the intricacies of the rules and expectations. But he more I learned the more I enjoyed!

    My characters are very socially driven, goal-oriented, and are often centered around a certain profession (ie. Architect, Comedian, Criminal, Psychologist), which I enjoy researching to learn about. Though I try to keep their motivations based on often complex backstories and dynamic through IC RP.

    I'm often full of anxiety! And while I've been around for a while I've recently had some slow spots on weekends. Other than that I try to post at least every other day.

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    I was introduced to WoD back in 09 after getting laid off and moving back to my home state. My tabletop group often had campaigns that lasted a couple years with breaks of D&D mixed in. The group soon focused more on D&D and dying to get my fix I looked on the White Wolf forums and some guy going by the name of Greygoose found me And I like to think that over the years my characters and writing has gotten better…lol!

    My first love is Vampire, and that’s where I can mainly be found, but I have been trying Mage. My characters are a mixture of social and goal-oriented. Having social anxiety, I’ve found the game has given me a chance to explore the more social aspect of life!

    I really don’t have any boundaries, and not much offends me.

    I’m usually on top of posting and try to post everyday if I can. Being disabled has me mostly at home, though there will be times where it might be a day or two before I reply. If it’s going to be a few days I try and make a post about it.

    Anything else, ask

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    Victoria Stamford

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    Victoria Stamford

    Hey all! I've been drafted decided to finally write a new introductory thread. I started with OWOD with playing masquerade and the old masquerade computer games. I played DnD second edition, 3rd, and 3.5, and Shadowrun during my time in the USMC. Never really found a gaming group after I got out, kind of difficult in South Dakota.

    After I got out and went to college I found this site to feed my table top fix back in 2009ish and have played and left several times. I started with Werewolf and had a ton of fun with that. Then vampire with many different characters. Then pretty much everything else too Mage, Changling to round out all the major ones. I may look at 'Ling again some day if things open up and I can handle it.

    I am an MMO/game junkie and have played a ton of games. I'm currently back in WOW and a little Eve Online. Been playing Fallout 4, some Witcher, and whatever else strikes my fancy.

    I currently work from home after losing my job to a center closing so I am frequently in chat and keeping an eye on things when I'm too busy to post while working. So I'll usually post in the evening, major nightowl.

    Well, that's about it for now. See ya all in game!

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    Hello. I come to you all, once again, empty bowl in hand like a Dickensian orphan begging for more.

    Like a fairy tale troll that is terrified of billygoats, I cower under the bridge that is chat and occasionally craft posts that aren't total shit and I have done on and off for a great deal of this game's existence.

    Like Gollum, or any other obsessive goblin twisted by their focus on esoteric artifacts steeped in evil, I have an near-obsessive grasp of the subject of my focus - In this case the creaky rules that make up most of the nWoD (they can pry nWoD and replace it with CofD when I'm dead).

    I think three similes are good enough for now. See you in game.

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    I've been volun-told to introduce myself

    So I've been playing RPGs since middle school, on and off. A lot of the old stuff was D&D because I spent many years unaware of anything else. I still like a good crunchy game, and I still play PF in real life. I've been playing WoD for... I dunno, 6ish years, maybe? Something like that. I don't keep track. I was introduced to WoD via Mage and it's still my favourite, though I also have a thing for Changeling and Geist. I've also played a little oWoD Changeling from time to time.

    My RL group is... well, let's say a little lax with rules. And power limitations. Let's just say they play by the Rule of Cool to an extreme. Which, don't get me wrong, I don't mind, but in coming here, I discovered I was missing some of the really interesting aspects of the setting that come along with things being a little darker and more dangerous.

    I'm available to post most evenings, and I try to sneak onto chat from time to time during the day if I don't have any work to do :P
    Varyx - Apostate Mastigos
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    Well now, seeing this pop up reminded me that I keep wanting to reply, yet forget. So here we go~

    I can't remember when I first came into contact with roleplaying, but I'm sure it had something to do with the spread of the internet. I first came in contact with oWoD through a forum I stumbled upon by chance and made my first oWoD character — a Malkavian. Sadly, when the group/forum fell apart, I never truly succeeded in finding any replacement and just went back to collecting oWoD stuff, reading the various books and making characters that would never be used. That I never got to play oWoD Changeling or Demon still annoys me to this day.

    Never really got into D&D before 4th Edition, and even so I've only played little of it on another forum with lackluster success. Though when I do play, it was enjoyable. For quite some time, I ignored most of nWoD's books (even though I hoarded them like a dragon does gold) and settings and went my merry way. Although, I did like to read the Changeling books, I never really got into rping it either.

    I've got no RL rp group, since I never really met any people interested, but do roleplay on other sides which are more narrative writing where each person judges whether x happens or not, instead of capricious dice — which works overall quite well, if people apply common sense. Most of the time. Besides that, I tend to play video games, any that strike my fancy but most often roleplaying games (the games of my youth, played on the Super Nintendo) in what forms they may come, but other games as well.

    ...before I begin to ramble any more, I'll leave it at that. I'm stoked to be here!

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    This. Another on the meaning to do list (before I too am volun-told)

    So, I was first brought into the NWoD waaaaay back in my first year (first month) of high school, a nigh ten years ago now. A friend dragged me down to a game shop and helped me gen my first character. A Venture - Lucy. Who quickly became a Malkavian, that ended the game with Dementaion 5 and Nightmare 5, as well as assorted other things, during the Apocalypse. Ahh such wonderfully horrific fun that was! (She built a dollhouse castle out of C4 and grass, and other characters tried to help her)

    Since then it's been mainly NWoD, of varying game lines, Vampire, Hunter, Mage, tried a Promethean game once, sadly, it didn't last. Mostly it was a multi supernatural games, so I've been able to play Changelings, but not in Changeling, and a few attempts at DnD, though those games never got past the first few sessions.

    but because of Drama Llama my RL group fizzled into nothing. Then shifted into not including me and a few others. After that I tried to get another group going with a few other friends but it never seems to work :C

    Then I stumbled across EoD. A match made in the Aether, to be sure.

    I try to post something everyday, or every other day and when I can't I'll shoot up a posting interruption notice. I've been trying out chat, and it's totally not as scary as I first thought. So I might be seen there randomly. As for boundaries, I have few. I do enjoy a darker tale, so it takes a lot to offend my no-so-delicate sensibilities. Though I'm terrified of losing one of my babies, I know that Character-Death is a thing, and it might happen whenever the dice say, especially since I can't seem to stay away from Plot. So if one of my character's tales were to end in a blaze of glory (fiery or otherwise) I'll deal, and probably roll a new toon when I stopped mourning whoever it may be.
    Revenge is a dish best served cold. Revenge is also sweet. Therefore, revenge is ice cream! I would love a bowl of strawberry revenge please!

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    Dominic Ashton

    Hey everyone. I've been playing tabletops for a little over seven years. Lots of D&D (3.5 ftw) but with a good amount of nWOD as well. I like to keep my characters goal oriented, and it helps keep me actively engaged in the game as a player. For me it's not just about XP. It can be, but solving a plot or getting a cool new merit gives me that warm fuzzy feeling inside too. That said, I enjoy talking to people IC and OOC so you'll likely see me floating around the chat or invading your social thread.

    Right now I'm eyeing Vampire pretty hard, but if Hunter is ever an option I'll hop on there too.

    Hope to see everyone in-game!

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    Hello everyone,

    I'm 27-year-old RP fan from the Czech Republic. I have to confess I've never actually played nWoD before, but I've read through the rulebooks so I have understanding what the game is about and I'm excited to try it. Also, I have years of experience with play-by-post RP from other servers (local Czech ones - mostly D&D based), so I believe I will grasp the game mechanics quite quickly and I won't be a burden for game masters – hopefully

    Currently I'm most interested in Mage, but opened to other settings as well. I have just submitted a form for a Mage story, so I hope it’s in order, and I look forward to joining you in the game soon

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