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Jane Scotts
In-Character Titles
Domain Mekhet Invictus

Former Whip of Clan Mekhet

Mrs. Jane Scotts was a good mother, a fine wife, and bored. She had been born and raised on the farm, cooking and cleaning, but doing her best at keeping the foxes dead with her mom's shotgun. Her mom was the envy of the housewives of Drytown, for her husband didn't beat her, and spent the resultant time fixing up the house. The fact that mom had shoved a shotgun in his mouth the first time he tried to beat her might have had something to do with it (texan women and their guns...). She was raised in her mother's mold "Keep your husband on the right side of the gun, and you'll never have to worry about him filandering about or nothing." She had finished high school, not finding anything really interesting to do there besides gab with the other girls. ANd when she had grown up and had her own brood of 3 beautiful boys, she would gab with those same girls on the phone, while her husband fixed up the house and her eldest kept the foxes out of the coop. Everything was pleasant in drytown; until they repealed the dry laws. 3 women died the first night, and their husbands all went to jail over it. But still the town was wet, and there was no getting over it. What was most unexpected was the way in which Jane died. A vampire had been living in the town, doing quite well in his own psionic progression, keeping himself well off of the humans radar, and just feeding as needed. Well, when he saw a farmer sleeping in an alley, it looked too good to be true. It was. Snake, as the vampire called himself, found himself hit by more alcohol than he had ever experienced. Stumbling wildly, he ran into Jane, as she was coming back home with some tools from the hardware store that her husband needed. The next thing he knew, she was drained of blood, dead on the ground, and he almost instantly sobered up. Realizing his mistake, he embraced her. She woke up the next evening in an abandoned farm cellar, her senses far sharper than she remembered, and the world swimming in colors. When she saw her maker, he seemed so strange to her, so pale in color. He was not only suprised by her clarity, but also impressed with her mental abilities. Unfortunately for her, he was unable to keep her for long in the town. Releuctantly, he told her that he would keep an eye on her family, but she would have to leave. There wasn't enough food for the two of them. Hating him, and yet loving him (for he told her of the Vinculum only after fully bonding her to him), she stormed out of the town and headed to San Fransisco.

Her mental abilities make her an easy recruitment into the Invictus, who appreciated the numerous merits she brought to the organization. However, while she researched and studied about psionic communication and its links to auspex she began to feel, well, bored again. And almost as if by magic, an elder had given her his gun-running racket in exchange for favors from her when he awoke from torpor. Seizing the opportunity, she took all that she had learned from the Invictus about managing (and from rearing 6 kids about dealing with children) and vastly expanded the business. No longer was she just pulling in drugs from mexico or a couple of 9mm knock off from china. Now she had a fully international business going, hauling in chinese guns by the boatload, and driving up Israeli guns via mexico through san diego. Gang violence became terrifying to the city, and she reaped enormous profit from it. However, then her progress began to catch up with her. A favored ghoul of the Circle, who had been grooming him for years to become one of them, was killed by gang violence. Of course, the Circle would not stand for an obvious assasination, and blamed her for the obvious Invictus hit. The crone used this as a power ploy to take power from the Invictus, who were caught flat-footed by the suddeness. Wars in the primogen were begining to become all encompassing, and the city looked like it was going to fall to pieces. The Prince met with scotts, the invictus, and the crone, and meted out his judgement. Scotts was banished, and her ghoul was to be given to the crone. Once the crones had left, the prince further apologized to the Invictus (of which he was a member) and clarified that it was the only way to save the city. He sent her east to Sacramento with a letter of praise as a valued member of the Invictus covenant.

She entered into gamble to become the power behind the throne for the Mekhet clan, and was soundly defeated by Erica Brady, who repudiate her and her movements in front of the entire leadership council. Defeated, Jane Scotts sought a more martial existence, and left to San Diego, with Prince Clarke's reccomendation for her to join the local Knighthood order.

During her time in Sacramento, she became noted for her mastery of Auspex, and for creating a new way to attack while spectrally projected. She did not share this technique with anyone before leaving, a notable loss for the community.

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