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Alison Yates
Former Heart of Granite Alpha
Cunning Glory Honor Purity Wisdom

Alison is 5’6” tall. She has medium length strawberry blonde hair, which she usually keeps tied back or in a tight braid. Her eyes are light blue, almost gray. She has a very thin athletic build with great muscle tone without being overly muscular. For identifying marks she has a small Eagle, Globe, and Anchor (USMC emblem) on her left shoulder blade and an 8-inch diagonal scar, which runs diagonally over her sternum beginning over her left breast ending on her upper abdomen under her right breast. On her back she has two scars, one running parallel down each side of her spine starting at her collar bone and ending at her waistline, each are about 2-3 inches across. On her right calf on the inside is a tattoo of a wolf skull with several large rats crawling and gnawing on it. Her left eyebrow is pierced along with her nose in the left nostril. She is typically seen wearing practical clothing favoring tight nonrestrictive clothing appropriate for the weather like tight blue jeans or shorts and a tee shirt, long sleeves, or riding leathers when on her bike.

Her wolf form is that of a Red Wolf. The fur on her legs and underbelly are a reddish color mixed with some white, while her coat is streaked with some red, tan, black, and white. Her wolf form is a little smaller than many others and has some coyote like qualities.

Pre first Change

Early Years

Alison Yates was born to Susan Yates a single and unwed mother at the age of 25 in Denver, CO. She never new her real or biological father as Allison was the product of a one night stand her mother had after a night of drinking. Her mother does not even remember the guys name just a vague physical description.

They lived with Alison's grand parents for several years. As a single mother, Susan found it difficult on the dating scene. Many of the men she encountered abandoned her the moment they found out she had a child. She developed a deep seed of hatred and resentment toward Alison for ruining her life and her inability to keep a boyfriend. However, she refused to just abandon her daughter, perhaps out of some sense of pride.

When Alison was 4 her mother finally married and that marriage ended a short three years later because of financial problems and when Susan found out that her alcoholic husband was cheating on her. At the age of eight Alison and her mother moved to Omaha, NE for her mother's career.

School Life

At school she was an average student academically speaking, however she did not have a lot of friends. The friends she did have were usually guys and she would often be seen playing games and hanging out with them, in short she was your typical tomboy. In upper elementary and Junior high school things got much more difficult for her because she developed earlier than many of her fellow female classmates and her good looks were attracting the attention of many of her former guy friends which left her quite uncomfortable. This led to a lot of jealousy in her few female friends and she found herself snubbed by many of the girls her age. She found herself participating in many of the sports at her school mainly due to her lack of a social life, sports like Track and Field, and Volleyball it was then that she found she had a natural talent in sports.

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