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Bone Shadows
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The boy knew the wolf was there. Neither his parents nor the other kids would believe him, but he knew the wolf was there. They thought he lied, and were scared of wolves, but the boy wasn’t. The wolf killed the bad things that chased the boy in his dreams. He never thought to ask why bad things chased him in his dreams, or why the wolf killed them. But the wolf did it anyway, for he was Hirfathra Hissu, one of the Bone Shadows.

Renown: Wisdom
Gifts: Death, Insight, Warding, Ending
Totem: Kamduis-Ur, Death Wolf
Ban: Pay Each Spirit In Kind

Bone Shadow legends speak of Kamduis-Ur, the Death Wolf, the quietest of Father Wolf’s pups, and her hunt that encircled the Earth. Seeking to learn from all beasts as prey, she ascended the mountains and witnessed wild goats give birth. She chased the sky and witnessed the wisdom of the eagle in flight. Fascinated, she hunted across every country and ocean, falling in love with all that she encountered. What she loved she studied and learned more about, ever eager to uncover the secrets hidden in the patterns of life. And when answers eluded her, she asked Father Wolf. He shared some insights with her but held back others and encouraged her to continue her hunt. He showed her the paths to the high spirit courts and helped her find her own way. In time, Kamduis learned and made pacts and helped Father Wolf carry out his own duties. When Father Wolf was killed, she howled in mourning not for loss of him, but for all that he had yet to teach her.

The Bone Shadows (Hirfathra Hissu) are an Uratha tribe who seek knowledge and to again make the ancient pacts with the spirit courts.

Active Members

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