Character Creation for Werewolf

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Character Creation for Werewolf
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This game is accepting new character submissions!

Please direct all questions about Werewolf character creation to the Forsaken Storyteller(s), .

  • No freshly Changed Wolves are Allowed at Chargen.
  • No Lone Wolves are allowed in Werewolf. New Wolves and existing Wolves now deprived of a pack will be given 3 months to find a Pack.
  • No Pure or Bale Hound Lodges.

Changes to Harmony

(Replaces current sins)

Level 7- Spending too much time alone, violating a tribal Vow (minor)

Level 4- Using a silver weapon against another werewolf, Significantly violating a tribal vow.

These changes were made to make Tribes more important, and to remove the sin of revealing the existence to humans. That is a violation of the Oath of the Moon, but is not a sin against Harmony. There are no spiritual repercussions to revealing yourselves to humans, just bad physical and social ones.

Totem Merit:

Points spent in Totem merit are held in reserve until you have joined a pack, where they are added to the Totem's pool.



Wolf blooded characters are not allowed. They simply cannot be effectively integrated into the story alongside Werewolves.

Character Background

Character submissions should include, but are not limited to

  • A brief account of the First Change
  • The initiation into their tribe (if they are not a ghost wolf)

First Tongue

  • All Uratha who join a tribe (except Ghost Wolves) begin with Merit:Language (First Tongue) 1

Former Pure

  • We are currently not allowing former pure as playable PCs at the moment, though that is likely to change.

*Gift stipulations: No gift higher than 2 dots. . Gifts can be from Pure tribal lists. *You must be in a tribe, and must include in your backstory how the lodge of salvation got to you. *You do not have an auspice, you cannot have an auspice, unless you are willing to make the intense spiritual journey to go before Luna herself and plead your case (note, this will take a damn long time and be damn impressive).

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