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Ghost Wolves
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It had happened again, and this time he couldn’t go back. Not after what he’d let himself do. He’d thought he could control it, but the feelings, the urges, were just too strong to resist. The only thing left to do now was run and try to figure out what brought this curse upon him. The others, the ones he’d done his best to get away from, called him Thihirtha Numea, or a Ghost Wolf, but he didn’t get that. All he knew was that he was a man with the worst problem in the world.

Renown: None
Gifts: Father Wolf, Mother Luna

The Ghost Wolves are not a tribe. Rather, “Ghost Wolf” is a label given to any werewolf who spurns the Tribes of Luna and the Pure Tribes both, and refuses to join any of them. This happens in any number of ways.

Some few Ghost Wolves were once members of a tribe who left because of a fundamental clash at the very heart of the group’s philosophy. Such a misgiving is not one that a werewolf enters a tribe with (since he wouldn’t join in the first place if that were the case), but sometimes cataclysmic stress or violent falling out can break down a werewolf’s convictions. Others leave tribes due to sheer shellshock. That feeling comes from the relentless violence a werewolf inevitably sees, or from the pervasive numbness that comes from knowing that an ancient sin will not be wiped away in a lifetime, regardless of how righteous that life is. Unable to continue, they simply drop out of all werewolf societies and subsist in the wilderness or city.

Most Ghost Wolves were never members of tribes. Desperate to cling to their human nature, some do their best to remain outside the tribal structure. They eventually come to grips (to an extent) with what they are, but they don’t relish being reminded of it by the constant presence of others afflicted the same way. These Ghost Wolves don’t usually seek out redemption or even self-destructive “adventure,” but instead try to live out a normal life, seeking simple sanctuary and peace. They never find it. Try though they might to deny it, Ghost Wolves are still werewolves. No matter how they ignore the truth, something forces them to confront it.

Ghost Wolf characters start play with two rather than three dots of Renown. At least one of those dots must be assigned to the auspice’s primary Renown.

Active Members

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